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Famed comics author and artist coming to PC

Image of famed author and comics artist, Scott McCloud.

The fall Porterville College Cultural Historical Awareness Program (C.H.A.P.) season kicks off on Friday, Sept. 11, with "Comics and the Art of Visual Communication,” presented by famed author and comics artist, Scott McCloud.

McCloud is the award-winning author of “Understanding Comics,” “Making Comics,” “Zot!” and many other fiction and non-fiction comics spanning 30 years. He’s lectured and consulted on comics and digital media for Google, MIT, Pixar, Sony, and the Smithsonian Institution. He started the international 24 Hour Comic phenomenon, and his comics are available in over 20 languages in print, and online at scottmccloud.com.

Comics are finally coming of age as an artistic and literary form. Now this once- maligned medium of expression is poised for new opportunities, thanks to a changing media environment and a potential revolution in visual education. McCloud will shine a light on these and other fascinating trends in a fast-moving visual presentation. A book signing will follow the talk. The presentation will take place from 7-8 p.m.in the PC Theater. The event is open to the public and free to attend. Parking permits will not be required.

Porterville College C.H.A.P. was organized in 2002 to enhance students' awareness of certain important aspects of our society to which they may previously have had little or no exposure. A theme is chosen by CHAP members each school year, and faculty members across the campus are encouraged to integrate elements of that theme into their coursework. Additionally, a variety of field trips, guest speakers, panel discussions and videos are presented throughout the year and are all open to the public. For more information about C.H.A.P. call Richard Osborne at (559) 791- 2298.

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