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Free two-day summit coming to Porterville

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Porterville College presents a free two-day summit, “Beyond the Talk, Practicing the Walk: Building the Bridge from Barriers to Equity & Success for Under-Represented Student Groups,” Dec. 10 and 11 at the Porterville Fairgrounds.

The summit is designed to maximize culturally responsible agencies and institutions by deepening the dialogue across systems and communities; building new partnerships and learning about innovative outreach strategies and learning about available resources, support services and much more. Attendees will engage in conversations about becoming more culturally sensitive in supporting student success for the following populations: African-Americans, Asian Pacific Islander, Latinos, LGBTQ and Native American. The summit will also address groups such as: ESL/Basic Skills, foster youth, low income, those with disabilities and veterans.

County and community agencies that work with special populations are invited to attend, as well as: community leaders, health and human services, K-12 educators, law enforcement officials, faith based organizations, mental health service providers, juvenile justice officials, public health officials, group home providers, city and county agencies and college faculty and staff.

Speakers for the event include:
Dr. Gustavo Loera, Educational and Mental Health Policy Researcher, Center for Reducing Health Disparities, UC Davis; Dr. Jamillah Moore, Vice Chancellor for Educational Services and Planning for San Mateo County Community College District; and Dee Hankins, of Inspiring CHANGE and Igniting HOPE.

All attendees must be pre-registered. Please indicate if you need special accommodations when registering.

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For more information call Elmer Aguilar at (559) 791-2273 or email elmer.aguilar@portervillecollege.edu.

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