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ASPC Elections this week

ASPC Candidates

Meet your ASPC Candidates

Porterville College ASPC elections are being held on April 27th and 28th (Wednesday and Thursday) from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on both days. Voting will take place inside the Student Center.

Want to learn more about what ASPC does and why it benefits you as a student I have attached a link to their web page.

Associated Students of Porterville College

President Candidate:

Samantha Vargas

photo of Samantha Vargas

Hello! My name is Samantha Vargas. I'm finishing up my second semester at P.C. and I am also a Psychology major! As ASPC President it is my duty to represent the students of Porterville College, and promote student success. To improve outreach efforts, ASPC will provide campus events while encouraging student, staff and administration participation. While also increasing awareness of student resources on campus and ASPC card benefits. As a student who cares about another's students education experience at this school, I will make it my personal goal to leave Porterville College better than when I came.

Vice-President Candidate

David Martinez

photo of David Martinez

Hey everyone, my name is David Martinez and I’ve been involved with ASPC (Associated Students of Porterville College) for 2 years. In my two years in ASPC, I’ve grown to understand that we lack a voice on campus. We, as students, deserve to be heard as well to receive distributed information about resources on campus such as Clubs, and tutoring. I will help to make students feel comfortable to come to campus knowing a representative of ASPC is willing to understand students. This is what ASPC is about and that is to be the Voice of students. Give me the opportunity for students to be heard. It’s time for change.
“You gotta make a change. It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes…” --Tupac Shakur

Student Senator of Student Services
Porterville College Year: 2014-2015
M.E.CH.A Community Organizer Porterville College Year 2015-2016
Club Liaison of ASPC Porterville College Year 2015-2016

Vice-President Candidate

Samuel Perez

photo of Samuel Perez

My name is Samuel M. Perez and I am running for Vice President of ASPC. I participate in many clubs on campus, including the Otaku Club, Entrepreneurs of the Future, and PC Pride. You can usually find me in the Student Center, ready to help students and clubs with any problems they may have. My goals for ASPC include providing important information and resources to increase student success, representing Porterville College at higher levels of student government such as Region V, and strengthening communication and cooperation between clubs.


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