Porterville College

Porterville College Named 2016 Achieving the Dream Leader College

Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream (ATD) designated five community colleges as “Leader Colleges,” a national honor awarded to institutions in the ATD National Network that have shown three years of steady improvement in two outcomes that measure student success.

“Leader College status represents a sustained, successful effort to build a student-centered culture,” said Dr. Karen A. Stout, president and CEO of Achieving the Dream. “Colleges that stay focused on the hard work of transformation deserve to be recognized when they make measurable progress.”

In a letter to Dr. Carlson Dr. Stout outlined Porterville College’s accomplishments stating, “As we reflect on all of your work over the past year and your plans going forward, we are most impressed by these accomplishments:

  • Clearly, the college has developed and implemented successful curricular and pedagogical reforms. The college’s curricular reforms in English are successful, scaled, and sustained, and the work in ESL and math is progressing well, as evidenced by steady increases in successful completion and persistence rates for students enrolled in gatekeeper English and math courses. Also noteworthy is the decreased number of terms in which students enroll in developmental English and math.
  • Implementation of the Education Advisory Board (EAB) “Navigator” platform should enhance the college’s capacity to accurately and comprehensively serve students. Scaling and sustaining social support services via the WSSN (Working Students Success Network) should also contribute significantly to student success.
  • The Student Success and Equity Committee and the Data Team are excellent examples of institutional organization focused on student Success. The institutionalization of data-driven decision-making, grounded by the Data Team, is exemplary.”

Projects the college has worked on the past three years and will continue to develop include redesigning the ESL program to meet community needs, create accelerated pathways through the basic skills and into transfer-level courses, increase social support services to assist students with outside barriers that might impede their success in college and making changes to policies and procedures that impede student success. Leader Colleges receive priority when opportunities for competitive grants arise within the ATD National Reform Network. Leader Colleges are also provided exclusive professional development and peer-learning opportunities.

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