Porterville College

First Ever Town Hall: hosted by ASPC

On the first Wednesday of each month, ASPC is honored to host a Town Hall. The first ever Town Hall hosted is set for Wednesday, October 5, 2016, at 6pm, in the PC Theater. The purpose of the Town Halls is to inform the Porterville College student body of important issues affecting their lives, as students, members of the community, as well as citizens in the world.

ASPC Town Halls cover information that affects curriculum, student support services, equity, and other campus concerns. ASPC is proud to be the “voice” of the students, a give-and-take relationship: ASPC delivers information to the students based on representation on PC participatory committees, but to be fully effective, information must be received from the student body. In other words, ASPC is the liaison between faculty and administrators as the “voice,” but without a back-and-forth format of communication, there can be no true voice of the students. ASPC members truly hope to build this line of communication.

Additionally, part of college involves becoming informed citizens on city, county, regional, state, and national issues. ASPC wants to do their part by providing students with unbiased information on the upcoming election. Because of this, ASPC will make election material available to students to help them cast an informed vote.

It is hoped that faculty will encourage participation in these important community events by awarding extra credit to participating students. Cards will be distributed at the end of each Town Hall for this purpose.

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