Porterville College

Campus Safety Month

As a part of National Campus Safety Awareness Month, we would like to remind everybody that each one of us contributes to the safety of our campus and ask that if you See Something, Say Something.

Persons are requested to report suspicious activity or persons even if they have doubts about the information or observations. It is much better for public safety officers to come and find that there is nothing wrong than for a crime to occur. Sometimes crimes can be prevented and offenders can be caught in the act because of quick-thinking community members just like you.

Call 911, if it is a life-threatening matter, or call the Porterville College Office of Public Safety, to report the information, 559-791-2440, 559-310-2143, 559-791-2459, 559-280-5283. If you see something that appears suspicious, do not intervene or place yourself in danger.

Kern Community College District