Porterville College

Three PC Alumni Art Exhibition

George Tanimoto


EVENT: Porterville College Art Exhibition: Three Porterville College Alumni: Andrea Culver, Bethany Phillips, and George Tanimoto Exhibit their Art

DATES OF SHOW: February 5 – 22, 2018

RECEPTION FOR THE ARTIST: Thursday, February 8th, 5 – 7 pm At the Porterville College Art Gallery

GALLERY HOURS: Monday – Thursday from 12 – 2 pm and 4 – 6 pm


The public is invited to see the exhibition of photography, pastels, and paintings of Andrea Culver, Bethany Phillips, and George Tanimoto. The exhibition runs from February 5 – 22, 2018. The public is also invited to the reception which is for Thursday evening, February 8th, from 5-7 pm.

The three artists in this show have three things in common: they are local artists, they are Porterville College Alumni who have taken art courses at the college, and they are all teachers (now retired). Though the three share this common thread, their artistic sensibilities are quite different.

Andrea Culver’s photographs have been “inspired from a sense of design, shape, color and light.” She goes on to say, “The creative spirit comes in waves and is most often triggered by light.” Ordinary objects, nature, and travel have been the subjects of much of her photographs. Culver’s work is surprising in its compositions and closely observed details of the world around her.

Bethany Phillips work in pastels was “initially inspired by the work of Cezanne and the Impressionists, but more recently she’s “come to admire the modeled shapes of John Singer Sargent and the design and colors of Gustav Klimt.” Her pastels are of intensely saturated colors and boldly composed views of nature and the everyday.

The painter George Tanimoto describes himself as “an Abstract Expressionist who often paints at the spur of the moment.” He goes on to say, “What I see is often not what I get. I usually have a lousy game plan. Tom Howell, Art Professor at Porterville College, once told me that I produce my best artwork where there is some chaos. I really don’t know where he came up with that observation, but it appears to be true.” His playful and engaging paintings come from a foundation of assured drawing, a thorough understanding of color, and a Zen-like focus on the present moment as he works. As he says, “I am the artist of the moment.” And he embodies both meanings of that phrase.

This exhibition of these three artists’ variety of media, styles, and approaches to their subjects make for an animated artistic conversation.

The show will run from February 5 – 22, 2018. Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 12 to 2 pm and 4 to 6 pm. The reception is Thursday evening, February 8th, from 5-7 pm.

Parking is unrestricted during the time of the reception. For other times, contact the front desk when you arrive to visit the show for a free temporary parking permit.

Please contact Jim Entz at (559) 791-2257 with any questions.

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