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Student Success & Support Program

(Formerly Matriculation)

The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) is both a program and a process designed to support and encourage student success.

The purpose of the Student Success and Support Program process at Porterville College is to increase success through:

Assessment provides students with guidance on appropriate placement in English and Mathematics courses. The goal of Assessment is to ensure that students start at the level of English and Mathematics courses that they can successfully complete. Click below to access the assessment site.


Orientation provides entering students with a brief overview of college policies, programs and services. Click below for the orientation page.

New Student Orientation

Every new student will be given the opportunity to meet with a counselor to develop their Student Education Plan (SEP). New students will develop an abbreviated SEP. The abbreviated plan will provide the student with a list of courses that they can take in their first two semesters at Porterville College. Students will return to the Counseling Center in their first or second semester to meet with a counselor to develop their comprehensive SEP. The comprehensive SEP will be based on the educational goal of the student and will outline all the courses necessary for the student to meet their specific goal. Click below to access the Student Education Plan site.

Student Education Plan

Porterville College is committed to supporting the success of every student at the college. Through programs such as Early Alert, faculty will identify students who are struggling. Staff at the Counseling Center will then provide the necessary resources and support services within the college and the community to assist them.

What is Student Success?

Every student should have an educational goal, a reason for going to college. Student Success is the process that allows the college and the student to form a partnership to assist the student in achieving their educational goal. The college asks students to commit to an educational objective and the college commits to fostering student success. To ensure the success of the partnership:
  • An admission process
  • An assessment of basic educational skills and career goals
  • Counseling/advising for the development of an individual education plan
  • Quality instruction
  • A wide variety of courses
  • Referral to support services as necessary
  • Follow up on student academic progress
  • Attend an orientation session
  • Complete assessment
  • Declare a specific educational objective or career pathway after completing 15 units of course work
  • Attend classes regularly, complete assigned course work and seek out counseling services as necessary
  • Complete courses and maintain progress toward an educational goal as identified in the individual student education plan
  • Seek out support services as needed

The Student Success Act of 2012, which provides the legislative guidelines for the creation of the Student Success and Support Program, requires that all entering students complete orientation, assessment and a Student Education Plan (SEP) in order to receive priority registration. Students who choose not to participate or fail to complete any of these steps will not be allowed to register until “open registration.” For more information and the full report, please visit the California Community College Chancellor’s Office website at SB1456 Student Success Act Of 2012.

SSSP Staff:

Erin Cruz -
Director of Enrollment Services
559.791.2332 ecruz@portervillecollege.edu

Elmer Aguilar -
Program Manager
559.791.2273 elmer.aguilar@portervillecollege.edu

Katherine Figueroa -
Educational Advisor
559.791.2407 katherine.figueroa@portervillecollege.edu

Concepcion Oropeza -
Educational Advisor
559.791.2306 concepcion.oropeza@portervillecollege.edu

Araceli Carranza -

Terri Gil -
Assessment Assistant
559.791.2446 tgil@portervillecollege.edu

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