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Students must complete Assessment for English and Math placement. If placed in a lower English or math class than expected, contact a Counselor for placement under Multiple Measures.

For more information on taking the test, including practice tests and preparation tips, visit the CollegeBoard website.

Before taking the Assessment, make sure you have completed the steps below:

  • Apply for admissions or submit an update-form online for the semester you are planning to register.
  • Schedule your assessment by calling or visiting the Counseling Center.
  • Bring your picture ID at the time of assessment. Persons without valid ID will not be allowed to test.

What do your Assessment Test scores mean?

The test you took assessed your skills in English – writing and reading, and Mathematics and the results help you and your counselor in selecting the most appropriate courses based on your skill level. Experience shows that following the recommended sequence of courses, you will have a higher degree of academic success.

You are strongly encouraged to enroll into the course that corresponds with your placement level as soon as possible.

ENGLISH: Writing and Reading

Writing Placement     

   Recommended Writing Course
English P101A
English P050
English P071
English P083

Reading Placement

   Recommended Reading Course
No course recommended
English P052
English P072
English P081


The minimum math course necessary to complete graduation requirements for Porterville College is Math P051 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math PS. If you plan to transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC), you will need to take a transfer-level math course (math courses numbered 100 or higher. Please check the appropriate general education checklist). For initial placement, it is helpful if you have a copy of your high school transcripts to refer to or show to your counselor.

Math Placement


Recommended Math Course
Any appropriate Transfer level Math course – consult your counselor.
Math P051 or Math PS.
Math P055
Math PQ

If you score a Level 2 in Math, what you completed and how well you did in your high school mathematics courses will determine which course to take at Porterville College. If you have an appointment to see a counselor, please make sure you bring in a copy of your high school transcripts with you.

Mandatory prerequisites exist for English P071, English P050, English P101A, Math P055, Math P051, Math PS and any transferable math course.


(all held in Computer Commons A in LRC building)

July test dates:

12th 3pm-5pm

16th 11am-1pm 

17th 10pm-12pm 

19th 1pm-3pm

August test dates:

2nd 2-4pm 

7th 10am-12pm

9th 1pm-3pm

13th 9-11am

21st 10am-12pm

23rd 3-5pm

28th 9-11am

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