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What is the PC Alert System?

Porterville College's emergency notification system, called PC ALERT, will enable us to communicate with you quickly in the event of an emergency. The PC ALERT system will alert and provide pertinent information and instructions to students, faculty and staff via voice, e-mail and text messages to the phone numbers and e-mail addresses on file. The system uses CONNECT-Ed, which is a web-based mass notification system that sends emergency messages instantly and simultaneously to telephones, mobile phones, wireless devices and email addresses uploaded into the CONNECT-Ed system by KCCD. The PC ALERT System can also send a text message to your cell phone. Standard text messaging rates will apply.
A PC ALERT will be sent only to inform you of a very serious incident or situation, a campus or site closing, or some other event that requires rapid, wide-scale notification to the community. Examples of such events would be a campus shooting, bomb threat, hazardous materials spills, flood, earthquake, or fire. Test messages will also be sent approximately once a semester.
Your contact information is automatically loaded into the Connect-Ed system using the data you have previously provided for admissions and registration and stored in our database. It is important that you keep this information up-to-date so that you will receive Alert messages.
Log into MyBanWeb and select Personal Information from the menu. You can update your contact
information at any time.
You should check and update your Home and Cellular phone numbers and not Opt Out of receiving
Alert text messages.
The contact information submitted for the PC ALERT system will be kept private and confidential. It
will not be shared with other entities, but used only by Porterville College to communicate with you
in the case of a school closing or emergency.
While on the call, you can replay the message by pressing the star key (*) at the end of the message.
You may also check your email to locate the link for that message.
The system does its best to detect whether it has reached a live person or an answering machine.
Sometimes loud ambient noises may cause the system to loop. If this happens, use the mute feature
on your phone or move to a quieter location to prevent the message from looping or repeating.
When Porterville College sends out a call using the PC ALERT System, it will always display caller
ID information and the phone number 888-522-3932.
PC ALERT text messages will come from 23177 or 63079.
July 30, 2015
Kern Community College District