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Agriculture: Production Associate in Arts


The Agriculture major is designed for students who are looking at an Associate Degree from Porterville College as a terminal Degree as well as for students transferring to four-year schools with various Agriculture majors. The required classes represent the normal undergraduate core for transfer to the CSU system. Graduates from a four-year school have a wide range of career options including but not limited to: Agriculture Business and Agriculture Production areas.

Requirements: At least twenty-four (24) units must be completed from the following courses:

Core Courses - 12 units required


AGRI P101 - Introduction to Agribusiness

3 units

AGRI P102 - Agricultural Economics

3 units

AGRI P103 - Agricultural Sales

3 units

AGRI P104 - Computer Applications in Agriculture

3 units

Optional Courses - 12 units


AGRI P105 - Farm Accounting

3 units

AGRI P106 - Introduction to Soil Science

3 units

AGRI P107 - Agricultural Marketing

3 units

AGRI P110 - Principles of Pesticide Use

3 units

AGRI P117 - Plant Propagation/Production

3 units

AGRI P131 - Introduction to Plant Science

3 units

AGRI P132 - Agricultural Math

3 units

AGRI P133 - Orchard Production and Management

3 units

AGRI P134 - Vineyard Production and Management

3 units

AGRI P135 - Irrigation Fundamentals

3 units

General Education: In addition to completing the major requirements, students must also complete one general education pattern:

1. PC General Education Pattern

2. IGETC Pattern

3. CSU General Education Pattern

Electives as needed to complete the 60 minimum units to complete the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will understand and describe the nature of leadership and the role of the manager as a leader; compare and contrast the role of agriculture in the economic structure of the country and the world; identify the Best Management Practices for sustained productivity of agricultural production; demonstrate technological competency by using technology effectively in the business environment or workplace; explain the significance of international cooperation to the success of global Agribusiness.

Career Opportunities

Gainful Employment

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January 11, 2018
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