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Research Reports

This page will serve as a repository for research reports compiled by the Porterville College Office of Institutional Research.  It will include some reports that are created annually and others that may be done on an ad hoc basis.

Annual Reports

Awards and Transfers.  A few documents are provided here.  The first lists Porterville College degrees and certificates by division, year, and major.  The second provides degree and certificate information for the past several years, including a couple of demographics.  It is compiled for all three colleges in the Kern Community College District.  The third file contains annual transfer data for all three KCCD colleges.  The fourth file was compiled by the Research, Assessment, and Planning office at CSU-Fresno, our largest transfer college.  It includes a comparison of progress of transfer students from several community colleges.  For a bit more on how our transfer students do after leaving PC, see the community college academic performance report page provided by the CSU system at http://www.asd.calstate.edu/performance/ccc/ccc0708/index.shtml.

Degrees and Certificates by Division, Major and Year, 2005-06 through 2010-11 

KCCD Awards Data 1998-2009

KCCD Transfers 1999-2009

Progress of Transfer Students At Fresno State


Retention and Success.  This report shows course retention and success rates for Porterville College.  Overall rates are shown in graph form for all courses, basic skills courses, transferable courses, vocational courses, and courses taught via distance education with a five-year history.

Retention and Success Rates 2004-2009 

Retention and Success Rates 2003-2008 

Profile of Entering High School Students.  This document provides demographic information on entering high school students.  In addition, student assessment test scores in reading, writing, and mathematics are compared for the three Porterville high schools.

Profile of Entering High School Students, Fall 2009 

Profile of Entering High School Students, Fall 2005 

Profile of Entering High School Students, Fall 2004 

Profile of Entering High School Students, Fall 2003 

Persistence.  Persistence measures the percent of students who remain at the college from one term to another.  While some students leave because they graduate, or otherwise achieve their goals, persistence is one measure of the college's ability to keep students who enroll.  These reports includes the overall (fall to fall)  persistence rate and the rate for various demographic and other groups.

Persistence Report, Fall 2004-Fall 2005

Persistence Report, Fall 2003-Fall 2004 

Persistence Report, Fall 2002-Fall 2003 


Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC).  This report provides accountability information Porterville College on several important measures and is compiled by the Chancellor's Office with a self-assessment provided by the college.  The link below is to the customized version for Porterville College.  

PC ARCC Report 2012 

PC ARCC Report 2011 

PC ARCC Report 2010 

PC ARCC Report 2009 

PC ARCC Report 2008 

Student Right To Know.  This report provides data on completion and transfer rates as required by the Student-Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-542).  Because the SRTK cohorts are very small, the data in these reports is of limited usefulness.  Note that we did not compile this report for the fall 2003 cohort due to errors in the output provided by the Chancellor's Office.

Student Right To Know, Fall 2008 cohort 

Student Right To Know, Fall 2007 cohort 

Student Right To Know, Fall 2006 cohort 

Student Right To Know, Fall 2005 cohort 

Student Right To Know, Fall 2004 cohort 

Student Right To Know, Fall 2002 cohort 

Ad Hoc Reports


Transfer Students to CSU-Fresno:  This report, based on a series of dashboards provided by the CSU, Fresno Office of Institutional Effectiveness, compares how Porterville College transfer students perform at CSUF with transfers from other community colleges.

Student Support (Re)Defined:  This was a project by the Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges (RP Group), supported by the Kresge Foundation.  The project included a statewide survey of students from 12 community colleges, including Porterville College and focus groups gathering information on what students believe is most important in their success.  On April 19th, 2013, nine Porterville College employees attended a 'convening' at Fresno City College, another participant in the project.  There are a number of tangible results of the project.  Among them:

Porterville College Survey Report
Student Support (Re)Defined Research Report
Powerpoint Presentation from Fresno City College Convening
Action Guide
Spring 2016 Flex Days Brainstorming Report
10 Ways Everyone Can Support Student Success
10 Ways Faculty Can Support Student Success

For more information about the Student Support (Re)Defined Project, visit the project's web site.

Enrollment Management Presentation, Fall 2012 Flex Days:  This is a brief presentation done for the fall 2012 flex days.  It goes over a bit of enrollment management terminology and presents some trends along with the goals recently established in the Porterville College Enrollment Management Plan.  The presentation began with a short quizthat was completed by discussion at each table.  A small prize went to the table that got the most quiz answers right. 

ARCC-SPAR Study:  This study, conducted by the entire KCCD District Institutional Research Team (DIRT) used data from the Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC) Student Progress and Achievement (SPAR) files, in concert with data from our own data warehouse to examine factors that contribute to student success.  There are three files available from this study.  The first is a presentation made to the KCCD Chancellor's Cabinet in August of 2011 on the project.  The second is a similar presentation made to the Research and Planning Group of the California Community Colleges (RP Group) conference in April 2012.  Lastly, for those wanting to look just at the statistics (presented as odds ratios) we include the one-page results table.

Leadership Academy Presentation:  District Student Profile  This Powerpoint Presentation, made to the KCCD Leadership Academy on February 26th, 2010 profiles demographic information about students in the Kern Community College District, programs serving students, and information about the communities we serve.

Leadership Academy Presentation:  Research and Planning in the KCCD  This Powerpoint Presentation, made to the KCCD Leadership Academy on February 26th, 2010 provides an overview of the Research and Planning function of the district, the staff involved, the types of projects we do and challenges we face in the future.

English Cohort Study  In this report, we track English writing students from the lowest level through the highest and answer a few other questions regarding student progression in writing.  The report is provided as a PowerPoint presentation.

Academic Calendar Study Porterville College switched from a traditional 17.5-week academic calendar to a 16-week one in fall 2006.  The Senate requested information, including a faculty survey and data review, to evaluate the impact of the change.

Baby Boomer stats This report, provided for the president in fall 2004, describes demographics and other information regarding Porterville College students of the 'baby boomer' generation (those born between 1946 and 1964).

Alternative Calendar Survey Report  This document is a copy of a paper presented by Porterville College's Director of Institutional Research, Michael Carley at the Research and Planning Group of the California Community Colleges conference in Spring 2005.  It presents the results of a student and faculty survey regarding possible implementation of an alternative (compressed) 16-week calendar.

Partnership for Excellence Status Report  This report was completed in fall 2001 as a way of updating the KCCD Chancellor's Cabinet on the progress the district and its colleges have made toward meeting the goals of the Partnership for Excellence program.

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