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Complaint Procedures

Porterville College Student Complaint Procedures

Level III

  1. If the student(s) and/or the staff member(s) challenge(s) the Level II decision, he/she/they must file a written appeal (See "Request to Appeal from Level II Recommendation" form) within ten (10) instructional days of notification of the Level II decision.  This Level III appeal shall be filed with the appropriate Vice President.
  2. The appropriate Vice President must be provided with copies of all written materials, recordings, and any other documents generated regarding the complaint at Levels I and II.
  3. The purpose of Level III is to make one last attempt to resolve the issues to the satisfaction of the parties involved.  To that end, the appropriate Vice President shall, within ten (10) instructional days of receiving the referral, assemble the complainant(s), the staff member(s), the appropriate administrator from Level II, and the immediate supervisor/designee.  (This meeting shall be tape recorded by the appropriate Vice President. These recordings shall be the exclusive property of the College/District and shall become part of the complaint file.)
  4. If the appropriate Vice President is able to resolve the difference(s)/complaint(s), such resolution shall be established in written form and shall be validated by the signatures of all parties involved.  This agreement shall become part of the file and copies of same shall be made available to the complainant(s), staff member(s), appropriate administrator, and immediate supervisor/designee.
  5. If the appropriate Vice President is unable to resolve the differences/complaint(s), he/she shall assemble the Hearing Panel within ten (10) instructional days of that determination.  He/she shall provide the Hearing Panel with the procedure to be used and answer any procedural questions which may arise.
    [See Student Complaint Hearing Panel Procedure 4F 10(b)

November 4, 2015

Kern Community College District