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Canvas Training Workshops for Faculty

Canvas is not just for online classes. Instructors can use Canvas for on-campus classes, too. Canvas can help you to share resources with students, contact your entire class via an announcement, keep students updated on their course progress, among other things. There are a number of ways in which instructors can get training in how to use Canvas. You can sign up for our 4-week, facilitated, online workshop, "Kung Fu Canvas - Intro to Teaching in Canvas". You can also take the 4-week online course, or the self-paced tutorial offered by @One.

In this workshop you will complete hands-on activities, and discuss how to use Canvas features amongst your colleagues. Expect to spend about 10 hours a week on the activities in this course. See the schedule, below, for upcoming dates.

"Kung Fu Canvas - Intro to Teaching in Canvas" Fall 2018 Dates:

  • September 10 - October 5
  • Oct. 29 - Nov. 9, 2018 (2 weeks. Be prepared as this goes quickly.): Sign-up
  • Feb. 18 - March 1, 2019 (2 weeks. Be prepared as this goes quickly.): Sign-up
  • March 25 - April 19, 2019 (4 weeks): Sign-up

Accessibility Workshops

  • Accessible Online Course Content: Fall dates to be announced soon

Other Training Resources

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