Porterville College

Certificate of Achievement

Divisions offering career education courses are developing certificate programs whereby students who complete a required pattern of courses in the development of an occupational skill may have their competency certified to prospective employers. The certificate programs are designed so that the student may later take college level work to qualify for an Associate in Arts degree. 

The Certificate of Achievement is awarded to a student for completion of a formal instructional program with a minimum 12 units or more,  in a specified discipline, designed to give the learner the skills, knowledge and aptitudes required for his chosen field of endeavor. Specific requirements in a subject matter area will be developed by the division faculty and approved by the Curriculum Committee.

To qualify for a Certificate of Achievement, the student must complete all required credits with a grade of “C” or higher in each course. Courses taken at other accredited institutions of higher education are accepted towards the certificate or degree program provided that at least one-half of the credits are taken in residence at Porterville College.

JSC Job Skills Certificate
CA Certificate of Achievement
AA Associate in Arts Degree
AS Associate in Science Degree
AA-T Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
AS-T Associate in Science for Transfer Degree
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