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Information Systems

Certificate of Achievement CA

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

The Information Systems Program is designed for students who are pursuing a career in the computer and information technology field. The Program offers both a certificate and an Associate Degree as well as prepares students for transferring to four-year institutions.

Careers are available in data communications and networking, computer software engineering, database administration, computer systems analysis and design.

Program Learning Outcomes: Students will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of various types of information systems and their roles in our economy and society; exhibit proficiency in using common computer hardware, software, and the Internet; design, construct, and troubleshoot computer programs; design, construct, and implement data communications networks; demonstrate an understanding of the systems development process and plan, analyze, design, and implement information systems; discuss social, ethical, privacy, and security issues involved in the use of information systems.

Twenty (20) units required from the following two groups.

Required (12 units)  
INFS P100 - Introduction to Information Systems 3 units
INFS P113 - Structured Programming (Visual Basic) 3 units
INFS P210 - Systems Analysis and Design 3 units
INFS P220 - Data Communications and Networking 3 units
Electives (7 units)  
BSAD P101 - Introduction to Business 3 units
INFS P010 - Introduction to Word Processing (Word) 2 units
INFS P020 - Introduction to Spreadsheet (Excel) 2 units
INFS P030 - Introduction to Database (Access) 2 units
INFS P052 - Introduction to Web Design 3 units
INFS P055 - Internet Research 2 units

Effective Summer 2015

JSC Job Skills Certificate
CA Certificate of Achievement
AA Associate in Arts Degree
AS Associate in Science Degree
AA-T Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
AS-T Associate in Science for Transfer Degree
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