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Financial Aid Application Process

Applying for financial aid can be confusing, but the staff in the Financial Aid Office will assist you through the process.

Please be patient with us and the application process.

Here is what you will need to fill out your FAFSA:

  • Your FSA ID - a user name and password, will allow you to sign your FAFSA electronically (you will need one for yourself and one for your parent, if applicable). If you do not have a FSA ID, click HERE to get one.
  • Your Social Security Card
  • Your Driver's License
  • Your last year's income tax return information
  • Your parent(s) last year's income tax return information (if applicable)
  • Current bank statements and investment records
  • Any records of untaxed income received such as welfare benefits, Social Security benefits and child support
  • List of colleges you are interested in attending
  • Your Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US Citizen)

Keep these records! The financial aid office will require supporting documents for students selected to be "verified" by U.S. Department of Education.



Dependency Status

Who determines my dependency status?

Students' dependency status is determined by the US Department of Education on the FAFSA. A student is considered "independent" if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • are over the age of 24
  • are in a graduate program
  • are married
  • have children that they support at least 51%
  • have other dependents that they support at least 51%
  • are (or were) an orphan or ward of the court until age 18
  • are on active duty or are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces

Special Circumstances

Dependency Override

Students petitioning the Financial Aid Office for consideration to change status from dependent to independent due to extenuating circumstances, need to return a completed Petition for Dependency Override to the Financial Aid Office along with appropriate documentation.

Change of Income

In cases where 2015 family income is expected to be substantially less than 2014 family income due to one of the reasons below, a student may request review of family contribution and financial aid eligibility. Complete and return the Special Condition form to the Financial Aid Office along with the appropriate documentation.

Special Conditions:

-Student/Spouse/Parent earned money in 2014 and has lost his/her job for at least 10 weeks in 2015. Documentation required: Statement from student/parent.

-Student/Spouse/Parent worked full-time (at least 35 hours per week) for at least 30 weeks in 2014, but is not working full-time now. Documentation required: Statement from student/parent.

-Student/Spouse/Parent received some type of untaxed income or benefit (Social Security, CalWorks/AFDC/TANF) or unemployment compensation in 2014 and has completely lost that income or benefit for at least 10 weeks in 2015. Documentation required: Statement from appropriate agency.

-Student or Parents were married during 2014 and, since that time, the student and spouse/student's parents have separated or divorced. Documentation required: Copy of divorce or legal separation documents, or if not available, ask your attorney, minister, or parent to write a letter stating your situation and date of separation.

-Student's spouse/parent was living in 2014, and since that time, the student's spouse or parent has died. Documentation required: Copy of Death Certificate.

Dislocated Worker:

  • has been terminated or laid off or has received a notice of termination or layoff, or
  • has been terminated or received a notice of termination as a result of permanent closure of a plant or other facility, or
  • was self-employed (including farmers) but is now unemployed because of poor economic conditions in the community or a natural disaster
  • Other Special Circumstances: an explanation of other special circumstances will be evaluated by the financial aid office. Be specific, details are required.

July 27, 2015

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