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Welcome to the Porterville College Pirate Pantry. The purpose of the Pirate Pantry is to provide emergency, supplemental food to students to assist in fighting food insecurities one step at a time.  Food insecurities are when an individual is unaware of where their next meal will be or having limited access to food. 

Many times students are faced with the decision to buy food or textbooks. Additionally, they are faced with poor meal choices, because they will not receive additional monies for weeks at a time and they cannot always afford enough to eat. 

The learning environment on campus is increasingly impacted by the hunger and food insecurities. Food insecurities are linked to high dropout rates and not devoting time to studies. With the Pirate Pantry, Porterville College is assisting students with food insecurities and breaking a non-academic barrier that hinders student success. 

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Hours of Operation
Mon. & Thurs. : 9:00am to 12:00pm
Tues. & Wed. : 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Pantry Access

Please complete the email here

Or contact us by e-mail with "Food Pantry Request" as subject and your Student ID # in the body of the email. You will be contacted with an access time. Students will remain relatively anonymous by providing only their Student ID and email.

Upon access to the pantry services, you will need to provide a Pirate ID Card. Eligible weekly visits, students are free to choose from a variety of food items that meet their needs. Once a student has chosen food, the food will be logged for inventory. Inventory is kept to allow for a better understanding of what food items students prefer and the ability to stock accordingly. 

Recipes and additional food information are available to help build healthy meals with the food provided in the pantry.  



Many have asked how to assist. 

  1. Donate any amount you feel fit per pay period to the food pantry to ensure sustainability. Donations can be made in the PC Business Office.
  2. Bring plastic grocery bags for us to use in the food pantry for students.
  3. Donate non-perishable food items each month. 
  4. Get involved in the Annual Pirate Pantry Food Drive held during the Fall semester.

All food donations can be delivered to the Pirate Pantry. If you prefer pick-up, please call to schedule a pick-up.

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