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Program Learning Outcomes: Understand the historical and sociological perspectives on the use, abuse, and social control of psychoactive drugs, including contemporary treatment and prevention approaches; describe and apply the principles and practice of case management in addiction treatment including the processes of intake, screening, assessment, treatment planning, referral, and documentation; understand the physiological processes and impacts of psychoactive drugs on the person including risk factors related to addiction, acute and chronic health problems, communicable diseases, synergistic risk factors, detoxification, and withdrawal; understand the history, theories, research, and contemporary approaches to drug abuse prevention and harm reduction, including various strategies appropriate for communities, schools, families, and work sites; describe the major concepts, definitions, and features of co-occurring mental health disorders associated with addiction, including skills in recognizing co-occurring disorders, referral and case management of clients, and appropriate scope of practice; understand and apply professional ethics, clients’ rights, confidentiality, and other relevant material related to the field of addictions treatment as set forth in both state and federal ethical guidelines; identify the historical base an social-psychological dynamics of special population groups such as the aged, disabled, persons diagnosed positive for HIV, ARC, AIDS, women, gays lesbians, and adolescents with a focus on ethnic and cultural influences dictating effective treatment strategies; demonstrate an understanding and basic competency in one-on-one counseling skills most relevant to addiction treatment with an emphasis on the principles of motivational counseling and client empowering approaches; understand and demonstrate the major goals, states, and processes of group counseling in addiction treatment programs along with strategies and techniques for facilitating group processes; understand the multigenerational nature of substance use disorders in family systems with an emphasis on the risk factors for addictive behaviors; the dynamics of dysfunctional families; and the impacts of child abuse and neglect for adult children; develop basic competency in crisis intervention models and strategies for situations common in the addiction treatment setting including criminal justice interventions; mental health; domestic violence; suicide; sexual abuse; Post Traumatic Stress Disorders; distressed, agitated, or dangerous clients; describe the major theorists in the addiction counseling field and the impact of their particular theoretical approaches including current scientific and research based addiction counseling strategies.

Core Classes (19 units required)  
HMSV P101 - Introduction to Human Services 3 units
HMSV P103 - Ethics and Human Services Workers 3 units
HMSV P104 - Basic Interviewing and Counseling Skills 3 units
HMSV P105 - Introduction to Counseling with Multicultural Populations 3 units
HMSV P109 - Group Counseling Strategies 1.5 units
HMSV P110 - Group Counseling Process 1.5 units
PSYC P101A - General Psychology 3 units
Choose one of the following:  
PSYC P110 - Abnormal Psychology 3 units
PSYC P126 - Lifespan Human Development 3 units
PSYC P133 - Psychology of Personal/Social Adjustment 3 units
SOCI P101 - The Social World 3 units
Option A - Mental Health/Substance Abuse (16-19 units required)   (Gainful Employment information for Option A)  
HMSV P102 - Introduction to Alcohol/Substance Abuse 3 units
HMSV P106 - Psychopharmacology of Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Psychotherapeutic Medications 3 units
HMSV P107 - Understanding Psychopathology and Treating Co-occurring Disorders 3 units
HMSV P108 - Counseling Approaches and Techniques 3 units
HMSV P111 - Case Management 3 units
HMSV P112, P134-P135 - Internship [5 units for CAADAC] 2 - 5 units
Option B - Geriatrics (3 1/2 units required) (Gainful Employment information for Option B)  
HMSV P134-P135 - Internship .5 units
HMSV P114 –Issues and Intervention in Geriatric Mental Health 3 units
Option C - Developmental Disabilities (7 units required)   (Gainful Employment information for Option C)  
HMSV P134-P135 - Internship 1 unit
PSYT P020A - Developmental Disabilities 2.5 units
PSYT P020B - Understanding/Promoting Development and Adjustment of the Developmentally Disabled 2 units
PSYT P020C - Principles and Practices of Behavior Support for the Developmentally Disabled 2 units

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CA Certificate of Achievement
AA Associate in Arts Degree
AS Associate in Science Degree
AA-T Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
AS-T Associate in Science for Transfer Degree
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