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Psychiatric Technology includes the study of the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill and basic nursing skills. Courses included are: Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical/Surgical Nursing, Growth and Development, Communications, Developmental Disabilities and Psychiatric Nursing.

This is a three semester certificate program with classes beginning each semester. The program includes classes on the college campus plus clinical training at Porterville Developmental Center, local mental health clinics, and other approved facilities. Individuals who successfully complete this program are eligible to take the examination to become a Licensed Psychiatric Technician.

Only students who have the prerequisites and have met all admission requirements will be considered for the program.

Program Learning Outcomes: Provider of Client Care: The Psychiatric Technician graduate will be able to provide safe client care by determining appropriate nursing interventions to clients with psychiatric disorders and/or developmental disabilities. The care provided is characterized by consistent critical thinking and problem solving skills, clinical competence within the scope of practice, accountability, effective communication skills, respect for diverse cultures, a commitment to caring, and client education; Member of Healthcare Team: The Psychiatric Technician graduate will provide safe client care consistently within the healthcare team. This care is characterized by the ability to establish priorities for clients. The Psychiatric Technician graduate collaborates with other members of the healthcare team including organizational and community resources using effective oral and written communications skills. As a member of the healthcare team, the Psychiatric Technician graduate recognizes roles and responsibilities within the levels of the career ladder and is competent in using technology to provide evidence-based care; Member of Profession: The Psychiatric Technician graduate will consistently demonstrate accountability, advocacy, an understanding of legal/ethical issues, and responsibility for one’s own professional growth, behavior, and education. The member of profession routinely participates in self-assessment and makes changes to improve their practice with the ultimate goal of making positive contributions to the profession.

To be considered for the Psychiatric Technician program you must:

  1. Complete the Porterville College assessment test
  2. Complete the following program prerequisites with a grade “C” or higher (these classes must be taken within five years of starting the PT program):
    • Nursing Fundamental Concepts (PTVN P009)-required
    • Anatomy P052 - required
    • English P050 and Math P061 with a grade of “C” or higher or have equivalent scores on the assessment tests is recommended
  3. Four to six general education courses are recommended
  4. Submit completed application form to the Health Careers Office with the following:
    • Official High School transcripts
    • If you did not complete the 12th grade, but have high school proficiency or GED, submit official test scores
    • Porterville College assessment scores
    • A copy of your unofficial Porterville College transcripts
    • Official transcripts from any other colleges attended
    • If you have any work or volunteer experience in the health field, include a letter of verification of length of time.
  5. An American Heart Association BLS - Healthcare Provider card valid through the entire 18-month program is required (you may provide proof of certification to the Health Careers Office after acceptance into the program).

It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that all the above are on file in the Health Careers Office.

First Semester  
PTVN P010A - Fundamentals of Nursing 4 units
PTVN P010B - Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing 5 units
PTVN P010C - Life Span Development 2 units
PTVN P010D - Clinical Practice 6 units
Second Semester  
PSYT P020A - Developmental Disabilities 2.5 units
PSYT P020B - Understanding/Promoting Personal Development and Adjustment of the Developmentally Disabled 2 units
PSYT P020C - Principles/Practices of Behavioral Support for Developmentally Disabled 2 units
PSYT P020D - Pharmacology: Concepts and Practices 1.5 units
PSYT P020E - Therapeutics of Communication and Relationships 2 units
PSYT P020F - Clinical Practice 6 units
Third Semester  
PSYT P030A - Psychiatric Nursing Practice Responsibilities and Approaches 1.5 units
PSYT P030B - Psychopathology I - Major Mental Illness 2 units
PSYT P030C - Crisis Assessment and Intervention 1.5 units
PSYT P030D - Psychopathology II: Disorders of Children, Elderly, Personality and Addiction 2.5 units
PSYT P030E - Therapeutic Methods 2 units
PSYT P030F - Clinical Practice 6 units

All courses in each semester must be completed satisfactorily with a grade of “C” or higher before student may be enrolled in the next semester.

JSC Job Skills Certificate
CA Certificate of Achievement
AA Associate in Arts Degree
AS Associate in Science Degree
AA-T Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
AS-T Associate in Science for Transfer Degree
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