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Résumé Writing and Cover Letters

The first tools you need as you begin your job search are a stellar, well-written résumé and cover letter. This is an employer's first impression of YOU! 

Make it the best that it can be especially since employers spend no more than one minute reviewing your cover letter and resume. But don't let that short length of time fool you – they are able to decide "should I call this person or not"! Here is what they are looking for: strong communication, good presentation, no spelling errors, and your story.

Even if you do not have work experience, you CAN create a resume based on your skills, your education, club involvement, and volunteer experience. Here is ALL the information that you need to create an award winning cover letter and resume. And YES you need a cover letter! It gives you that professionalism and follow-through that other candidates may not have!


Here are some websites that may help you write a résumé.

Designed to save time creating, editing and customizing the most valuable job search tool - a résumé! - RésuméHero

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Want An Unbeatable Resume? Read These Tips from a Top Recruiter -

Do You Still Need a Cover Letter? -

Career Coach will enable you to build a resume, search for current job openings, and research educational programs offered at Porterville College.

Resume Writing Guide

Come and take look at our resume writing guide (pdf) --- it has all that you need to write a resume that gets noticed. Samples of resumes even by industry!

Cover Letters, & Why They Are Important

We know, we know!  It is just ONE more thing for you to do in your job search – write a cover letter. But this is your secret weapon -- the edge that will get you that phone call from a future employer! This is your chance to show off your written communication skills, why you are the BEST fit for the job, and an overview of your background and experience.

February 25, 2015
Kern Community College District