Associate in Arts Degree AA

The Photography Associate in Arts Degree will prepare students to work in the field of photography in such areas as phot journalism, commercial photography, studio portrait photography, crime-scene photography, architectural photography, medical photography, video production, motion pictures, graphic arts, commercial arts, and fine art photography. The degree also prepares students for transfer to a four year university to continue their studies towards earning B.A. in photography.

Program Learning Outcomes: The student will explain the fundamentals of manual camera operation, including the evaluation of light and exposure; identify and apply strategies for good composition in the taking of a photography and in the making of a print; photographically illustrate an idea or concept; develop and print a high quality black and white photography; create a high quality photograph that illustrates experimentation and exploration in the use of color; recognize the best lighting situation for the desired outcome and the style of image to be used; identify, set up, and correctly use appropriate and professional studio lighting for portraits, still lifes, and advertising illustrations; produce a professional portfolio of photographs that have the technical quality and artistic vision necessary for entry level work in photography.

Core courses - 18 units required  
ART P114 - Modern Art History 3 units
CGRA P110 - Renaissance to Contemporary Art History 3 units
PHOT P101 - Introduction to Photography 3 units
PHOT P102 - Intermediate to Photography 3 units
PHOT P103 - Advanced Photography 3 units
PHOT P125 - Studio Photography 3 units
Electives - 3 units required  
ART P106 - 2-D Design 3 units
CGRA P112 - Digital Imaging 3 units
PHOT P104 - Color Photography 3 units

General Education:

In addition to completing the major requirements, students must also complete one general education pattern:

  1. PC General Education Pattern
  2. IGETC Pattern
  3. CSU General Education Pattern

Electives as needed to complete the 60 minimum units to complete the degree.

Effective Fall 2013

Kern Community College District