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Computer Requirements & Support

Computer Requirements

Students taking online or hybrid courses at Porterville College are expected to have a computer with a modern operating system, and a modern web browser. Students must also have access to a reliable internet connection, preferably a broadband connection. Students may also use the computers at the Porterville College campus, located in the computer commons or in the library. Students may wish to occasionally use their mobile device to access some elements of their online or hybrid course. However, mobile access may not be supported for every aspect of a course, so having an Internet capable computer is still a necessity for online and hybrid students. Some classes may have additional requirements.

Before enrolling in a class, check the course description for the CRN you want to take, in the online schedule. To see the course description, click on the CRN for the course you are interested in, as shown in the following image.
Screenshot showing the online schedule with the CRN link circled

After clicking the link, a small window will open. Read through everything inside that window to make sure you know all of the details for the course section that you are considering.

Technical Support

For technical assistance when using Canvas for your class, contact the Canvas Help Desk at (844) 602-6285, available 24/7. For all other technical issues, contact the KCCD Help Desk at (877)-382-3508.

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