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Getting to Class

You must login to your online class on the first day that the class begins. Check your class schedule to see what the start day is for your class.  To get to your online class, login to InsidePC and click on My Courses

About Our Online Classes

You can expect the same quality educational experience in our online classes that you have come to enjoy from traditional Porterville College classes. Class sizes are about the same as they are in traditional classes and many instructors that you have seen on campus teach in our online classes. Learning outcomes and objectives are the same, but the presentation and interaction is modified to fit with the online environment.

Why Choose an Online Course

Students take online classes for a variety of reasons including the convenient scheduling and the benefit of not having to commute to school. Though you don't have to be a computer expert to take an online class, a good understanding of computers and the Internet is very beneficial to online students.

Your Email Address

When you register at Porterville College you will be asked to set up an email account in our student email system.  All emails from your online instructors will be sent to your Porterville College email account, so please check it regularly. If you are a student whose primary school is either Bakersfield or Cerro Coso College, then you will use the email address that was issued to you from that College.

Other Services for Online Students

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