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Preparing to Learn Online

Succeeding at Learning Online

Being a student in an online or a hybrid class is different than being a student in a class on campus. Some students do well in either on-campus or online classes, while other students may struggle with one but excell in the other. The content of the what is learned is the same, and neither type of class is easier or more difficult. However, if you are used to learning in classes taught on-campus, you may be caught off-guard with the new learning environment and responsibilities of an online class. You may also be faced with a learning curve when confronted with the computer environment that the online or hybrid class uses.

To prepare you for your online or hybrid course, we have created an online tutorial called "Quest for Online-Student Success". When you go through the tutorial and complete it, you will earn an electronic badge. In some but not all classes at Porterville College, students can earn points for their class when they have completed the tutorial and earned the badge.

If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid class, you can login to Quest for Online Student Success using your college email address and password.

Canvas Resources

Canvas is the program that most of the online and hybrid courses at Porterville College use, but some courses use additional programs and Websites. To learn more about Canvas, refer to the following resources:

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