Porterville College

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Adjunct Faculty Resources

Course Syllabus

Please email your syllabus to jfallert@portervillecollege.edu

This is a "sample" Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) statement to be included on your syllabi:

Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities: If you have a disability that may require assistance or accommodation, or you have questions related to any accommodation for testing, note takers, readers, etc., please speak with the instructor as soon as possible. Students may also contact the Disability Resource Center (559) 791-2215 with questions about such services.  Faculty Handbook (DRC)

Adjunct Faculty Absence Reporting

Please adhere to ONE OR BOTH of the following procedures for reporting absences and assurance your class (es) will get posted:

  1. By Phone – Information Desk - 791-2200
    • If no answer, leave voice mail message and for back-up call Instruction Office (Jodie Logan) - 791-2299 or Elvira Martinez - 791-2271
  2. By Email – PC_CCAR (acronym for - Class Cancellation/Absence Reporting)

Porterville College Graphics Center:

Send email print requests to:

Dolores Meurer
Graphics Technician

Graphics Center Duplication Request Form

Porterville College I.T.

All IT requests should be directed through the District Office IT Help Desk.


Technology Learning Center (TLC)

The TLC Lab is in the new library in room L-439.  Just walk straight back after entering the building.  When you come to the back wall turn right and go to the last room next to the blue alcove.  You will see a sign noting that it is a room reserved for faculty and staff only.

 This is your computer lab!  There are four computers in the lab, a scanner, CD/DVD burners (for single burning jobs) and other useful hardware and software. I also urge you to take a look at the new Website.  On the Website you will find a calendar with professional growth opportunities listed, a few tutorials for technology related tasks, and links to a multitude of resources that are free for you to use in your teaching and educational support roles.


January 6, 2016

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