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Associate in Arts Degree AA

The Associate Degree in Liberal Arts is designed for students who wish to have a broad knowledge of liberal arts and sciences plus additional coursework in an “area of emphasis.” This area of emphasis would be an ideal choice for students who plan to transfer to the California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC). Students can satisfy general education requirements plus focus on transferable course work that relate to majors at these institutions. Please consult with a counselor for information regarding your intended major at the specific college or university of your choice.

Program Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate competency in various areas including: math, English, social science, humanities, and natural and physical sciences; apply written and verbal communication skills in personal and professional environment; describe the importance of a liberal education; apply critical thinking skills.

  • Choose either Option A: Porterville College Local General Education Pattern, Option B: CSU General Education Breadth or Option C: IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) for the general education pattern which relates to your educational goal. Completion of the Porterville College Local General Education Pattern DOES NOT prepare a student for transfer. If you are planning to transfer to a four-year school, depending on your transfer goal, you should select Option B or C only. Please consult with a counselor or educational advisor if you have any question about which option is right for you.
  • Complete 18 units in one “Area of Emphasis” from those outlined below. (Note: Where appropriate, courses in the “Area of Emphasis” may also apply toward general education areas on the general education pattern.)
  • All classes listed below transfer to the CSU system and courses in BOLD also transfer to the UC system. Please refer to www.assist.org for articulation agreements and transfer details for each course.


General Education: Porterville College General Education, CSU General Education Breadth or IGETC (31-40 units).

Areas of Emphasis: A minimum of 18 units are required in one Area of Emphasis listed below. Courses selected may also be used to fulfill GE areas. Refer to each transfer institution policy.


Elective units may be necessary to total 60 overall units required for the associate degree. These units must be transferable to the CSU and/or UC for appropriate credit (2-11 units).

Total - 60 Units


Choose one - Arts and Humanities, or Mathematics and Science.

Arts and Humanities

These courses emphasize the study of cultural, literary, humanistic activities and artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in artistic and cultural creation. Students will also learn to value aesthetic understanding and incorporate these concepts when constructing value judgments.

ASL P101 - Beginning American Sign Language 4 units
ASL P102 - Beginning American Sign Language 4 units
ART P101 - Art Studio Fundamentals 3 units
ART P103 - Fundamentals of Drawing 3 units
ART P104 - Basic Painting 2 units
ART P105 - Mixed Media Sculpture 2 units
ART P106 - 2-D Design 3 units
ART P110 - Ancient Art History 3 units
ART P111 - Renaissance and Baroque Art History 3 units
ART P112 - Modern Art History 3 units
ART P117 - Advanced Drawing 2 units
ART P118 - Figure Drawing 2 units
ART P119 - Advanced Painting 2 units
ART P120 - Head Sculpture 2 units
ART P122 - Advanced Figure Drawing 2 units
ART P134 - Portrait Painting 2 units
COMM P101 - Introduction to Public Speaking 3 units
COMM P102 - Interpersonal Communication 3 units
DRMA P101 - Introduction to Theatre 3 units
DRMA P102 - Introduction to Contemporary Drama 3 units
ENGL P101B - Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking Through Literature 4 units
ENGL P102 - English Literature: Beowulf to Pope 3 units
ENGL P103 - Shakespeare Survey 3 units
ENGL P104 - English Lit.: Romantics to the Present 3 units
ENGL P112 - Forms of Lit.: Chicano Literature 3 units
ENGL P113 - Forms of Lit.: Chicano Drama 3 units
ENGL P114 - Greek and Roman Mythology 3 units
ENGL P115 - Forms of Lit.: Women Writers 3 units
ENGL P116 - Forms of Lit.: The Short Story 3 units
ENGL P117 - Forms of Lit.: American Indian Lit. 3 units
ENGL P118 - The Bible as Literature 3 units
ENGL P119 - Forms of Literature: Poetry 3 units
ENGL P130 - Survey of American Literature 3 units
ENGL P140 - Creative Writing 3 units
ENGL P141 - Magazine Article Writing 3 units
HIST P104 - History of Western Civilization I 3 units
HIST P105 - History of Western Civilization II 3 units
MUSC P110 - Exploring the World Through Music 3 units
MUSC P111 - Music Appreciation: Music through 1800 3 units
MUSC P112 - Music Appreciation: 1800 to Present 3 units
MUSC P113 - Introduction to Music Literature 2 units
MUSC P117 - College Chorale 1 unit
MUSC P118 - Chamber Singers 1 unit
MUSC P119 - Women’s Chorus 1 unit
MUSC P121 - Chamber Music Ensemble 1 unit
MUSC P130 - Studio Band 2 units
MUSC P143A - Beginning Class Piano  2 units
MUSC P143B - Intermediate Class Piano  2 units
MUSC P143C - Advanced Class Piano 2 units
MUSC P143D - Advanced Class Piano 2 units
PHIL P106 - Introduction to Philosophy 3 units
PHIL P107 - Introduction to Logic 3 units
PHIL P108 - Introduction to Philosophy of Religion 3 units
PHIL P109 - Existence and Reality 3 units
PHIL P110 - Introduction to Ethics 3 units
PHIL P111 - Critical Thinking and Composition 3 units
PHIL P112 - The Ethics of Living and Dying 3 units
SPAN P101 - Elementary Spanish 5 units
SPAN P102 - Elementary Spanish 5 units
SPAN P103 - Intermediate Spanish 5 units
SPAN P104 - Intermediate Spanish 5 units

JSC Job Skills Certificate
CA Certificate of Achievement
AA Associate in Arts Degree
AS Associate in Science Degree
AA-T Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree
AS-T Associate in Science for Transfer Degree



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