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LVN RN 30 unit

LVN - RN 30 Unit Option 

The mission of the Porterville College LVN to RN 30-Unit Option Certificate is to prepare entry level registered nurses as providers and managers of care across the health/illness continuum and as members within the profession. Entry-level registered nurses will collaborate with members of the health care team, be effective communicators, be politically aware, and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.
The 30-unit option provides the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) the opportunity to prepare and sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). This option is avail-able to all LVN’s entering the PC Nursing Program. This is a two-semester Program. Students do not need to complete all the Porterville College General Education Requirements for the LVN  RN 30-Unit Certificate of Achievement. This option does not lead to an Associate Degree in Nursing.
A grade of “C” or better is required in each nursing course for progression toward the 30-unit option certificate.
Note: The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) protects the public by screening applicants for licensure in order to identify potentially unsafe practitioners. The law provides for denial of licensure for crimes or acts, which are substantially related to nursing qualifications, functions or duties. Conviction  of any offenses other than minor traffic violations must    be reported to the Board of Registered Nursing at the time of application for licensure. Business and Professions Code 480 and Nursing Practice Act article 3 section 2761. For clarification contact the ADN Program Director or the Board of Registered Nursing, P.O Box 944210, Sacramento, California, 94244-2100, (916) 322-3350.
Note:  Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Requirement: Pursuant to Section 30(c) of the Business and Professions code the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) will not process any application for licensure unless the applicant provides a United State SSN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The Nursing Practice Act provides for a unified examination and licensing application. Once an applicant passes the examination, a license is automatically issued. Under these circumstances, the BRN cannot accept applications for the examination and licensure without a SSN or Tax Payer Identification Number.

Career Opportunites: Employment in the field for registered nurses is excellent locally and nationally. The registered nurse enjoys a well-compensated, rewarding, highly flexible career, which should continue in the future. The State of California provides the LVN with an option to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) after completing 30 college semester units. The LVN seeking this path to RN licensure may not receive reciprocal RN licensure in other states. LVN’s considering moving out of state are encouraged to consult with that state’s board of nursing for RN licensure requirements be-fore committing to the 30-unit option.

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the pro-gram, the graduate ·will be able to function as Provider of Care - The graduate will provide safe nursing care through therapeutic nursing interventions to clients with critical and complex disease states; Manager of Care - The graduate will provide safe nursing care consistently utilizing critical thinking skills for clients who have critical and complex disease states;  Mem-ber of Profession - The graduate will consistently demonstrate accountability, advocacy, legal/ethical and caring behavior, and responsibility for one’s own professional growth, behavior, and formal/informal education.
Enrollment Eligibility: To be eligible.for enrollment in the program, the student must meet the following criteria:

Possession of a cmTent clear and active California Vocational Nurse (LVN) license at the time of application and throughout program completion.
A grade of “C” or better in the following science prerequisites
o PHYL P101 (Introductory Physiology with Lab) 5 units at Porterville College or equivalent 4 - 5 semester unit physiology course at another accredited college.
o MICR P106 (Microbiology with Lab) 5 units at Porterville College or equivalent 4 - 5 semester unit microbiology course at another accredited college.
Completion of NURS P170 Role Transition: Bridging Nursing Theory to Practice 2 units at Porterville College or an equivalent course at another accredited college.
Enrollment Process: Eligible  students are selected for the program according to the following steps:
Contact the Health Careers Division at 559-791-2321 for an appointment to see the Program Director.
At the time of this appointment, the student will be provided objective counseling. The counseling will include the admission process, course requirements, the advantages/disadvantages of this route to licensure, and that high school graduation or equivalent is required in order to take the RN national licensing examination.
An individual evaluation of the applicant’s academic deficiencies irrespective of time such courses were completed will occur at the appointment.
If physiology, microbiology, and previous LVN program were taken at another accredited college, provide official transcripts and course descriptions of courses at the time of the appointment.
After appointment with Program Director, submit completed application packet during the appropriate application period.
Pre-enrollment applications and deadlines are available in the Health Careers office and on the program website.
Only students who meet the educational and pre-nursing requirements and follow the pre-enrollment procedures will be considered for the program. Meeting all these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
Selection is based on a random selection process from among the qualified applicants and is subject to space availability.
Students must reapply each semester. There is no waiting list.
Note: As a condition of enrollment into the Nursing program, the student is required to have a physical examination, inoculations, TB clearance, drug screen, background check, and cur-rent BLS card (at the student’s expense).
Note: The student is responsible for providing uniforms, laboratory fees, necessary equipment, and transportation to off-campus laboratory locations. There is morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend clinical experiences that may change with limited notice.
Program Approval: The Board of Registered Nursing approves the Porterville College LVN to RN 30 Unit Option Certificate.

Required Core 
PHYL P101 Introductory Physiology 5 units
MICR P106 Microbiology 5 units
NURS P170 Role Transition Bridging Nursing Theory to Practice 2 units
NURS  P125 Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing 3.5 units
NURS P126 Medical/Surgical Nursying 3 5.5 units
NURS P128 Medical Surgical Nursing 4 7 units
NURS P129 Gerontology Community Nursing 2 units


LVN-RIn 30 Unit Option (CA) pending Title IV aid. 

Effective Summer 2017

Kern Community College District