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Recently Added Courses (as of October 8, 2018)

recently added

Here are the most recently added courses to Porterville College’s Fall 2018 course schedule (as of October 8, 2018):

  • The Social World (SOCI P101): As a survey course, The Social World provides an introduction to the disciplines of sociology. This course examines the human experience as it emerges in groups by exploring fundamental concepts related to the study of modern societies, including social institutions, social structure, culture, social power, social class, and social change. The Social World familiarizes students with the major contributors, theories, and methods of the discipline, and students learn about them as they collect their own data and analyze it in the context of their readings.
  • American Ethnicity (SOCI P150): This course is a sociological analysis of race and ethnic relations in the U.S. Sociological and interdisciplinary approaches, theories, and research are employed to explore and evaluate the cultural, political, and economic practices and institutions that support or challenge racism and racial and ethnic inequalities, as well as historical and contemporary patterns of interaction among various racial and ethnic groups. Topics addressed include the cultural and geographical diversity, socioeconomic status, health status and political conditions of various groups, as well as the social psychological impact of social inequality and colonialism.

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