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Electronic Waitlist

The electronic waitlist feature allows students from an established waitlist to be moved into a class when seats become available. It is a true first-come, first-served system. Students trying to register for classes that are closed will be able to select a waitlist. During the weeks prior to the start of classes, when vacancies occur in classes, the first student(s) on the waitlist will be moved into the class and then receive an email confirming the enrollment.

Students should note that it is IMPORTANT when accepting a waitlist course to: Click on the down arrow "select W/L" then submit. If there are any other errors they will display at this time. Then return to the top of the page to click on "complete registration".

Helpful hints to assist students in using the features of waitlist:

  • Students will not be charged the enrollment fees for waitlist classes until they are actually enrolled (moved) into the class.
  • Students should check their registration/waitlist regularly to ensure that fees are paid within ten (10) days from the date they are moved into a course otherwise they risk being dropped from the class for non-payment.
  • Students who have been placed on the waitlist MUST attend the first meeting of the class or they will be dropped from the waitlist.
  • Courses for which students are waitlisted will appear on their schedules with a registration status of "WL". When the student is moved into the class, the registration status will change to "RE".
  • Students will not be able to register for one section of a class and get on the waitlist for another section nor can they register for one class and get on the waitlist for another class that meets at the same time.
  • Students may drop themselves from the waitlist at anytime.
  • Waitlist classes will count toward the 19 total credits that students may enroll in each semester.
  • The prerequisite, basic skills, time conflict, repeat, and holds will prevent students from getting rolled into a class from the waitlist. It will drop the student from the waitlist and class until the holds are resolved. If the student is a recent high school graduate, they must check with the Admissions Office to ensure that the high school hold has been released; otherwise they will be dropped from the waitlist and/or class. All high school students registered as "Dual Enrolled" will have a hold placed on their records and must register at the Admissions Office.

Waitlist FAQs

It is usually a good idea to get on the waiting list. Sometimes open seats become available due to drops from the class, and the next person on the waiting list is enrolled into the class. If you do not get on the waiting list, you will not have a chance to get in. If you do get on the waiting list, at least you have a chance to eventually get enrolled into the class.
No. You only pay the fee for classes that you are registered into.
Go to class the very first day to see if you will be able to get into it. If you do not go to class the first day, your instructor will drop you from the waiting list.
You pay your fee when you register for the class. If you do not pay within 10 days of being registered into the class you risk being dropped from the class.
You should drop yourself from the waiting list. When you are on the waiting list and an opening occurs if you are next on the list you will be automatically added into the course. To avoid that possibility, and to also give other students the opportunity to get enrolled, you should go to the “MyBanWeb” channel in InsidePC and drop yourself from the waiting list.
You should contact your instructor. Many of the instructors will drop students from the class if they do not show up the first day of instruction. If you do not know your instructors office phone number, you can call the campus switchboard at 791-2200 and the operator can transfer you to your instructor’s office phone.
November 3, 2015
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