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Student Health & Wellness

Student Health & Wellness


Student Health & Wellness at Porterville College is a resource for students to meet and discuss important issues in a confidential setting. We offer services specializing in individual counseling, in-person or remotely, so you can meet in the comfort of your own home. We’re here to support you as you deal with the complexities of college.

Mission Statement


Student Health & Wellness provides free, confidential and professional mental health counseling for students at Porterville College. Sessions, training and interventions will offer emotional and behavior support for the Porterville College community.


  • Provide crisis care for students in distress
  • Offer confidential support for emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Provide care and resources to the Porterville College community

The Distressed Student

How to Avoid Burnout

Screening Tools

Free mental health screenings and other valuable resources are available at the following links: