Porterville College Student Complaint Procedures

Complaint Procedures

Porterville College Student Complaint Procedures


The Student Complaint Procedures are established so that students can resolve difficulties/problems they encounter in College-related activities.  Student complaints are taken seriously; therefore, the complaint must be of a compelling, substantive, and verifiable nature.  Repeated filings of the same complaint, filings of a frivolous nature, or capricious complaints against school personnel will be considered abuse of the student conduct and/or complaint process.  Such repeated filings will be referred to the College President for a decision. 

The procedure students must follow in filing complaints is outlined in Procedure 4F10(a) of the Kern Community College Board Policy manual.

These procedures apply to student complaints such as:

Assignment of grades (See Policy 4C3C for final grade changes)

  • Course content
  • Access to classes
  • Verbal or physical abuse by faculty, staff, or students
  • Faculty Member refusal to confer with student(s)
  • Harassment

These procedures do not apply to student complaints which involve:

  • Discrimination (see Policy 11C4)
  • Sexual Harassment (See Policy 11C2)

The College President will determine and publicize which administrative office will receive and administer the following issues:

  • Student complaints
  • Complaints related to discrimination (See Policy 11C4)
  • Complaints related to sexual harassment (See Policy 11C2)

Any party to a complaint may be represented by one (1) person on the College staff or student body.

Filing of complaints against any party is a serious undertaking.  Prior to filing a written complaint, and within ten (10) instructional days of the incident leading to the complaint, the student(s) should contact the staff member involved in an attempt to resolve the issue.  If this attempt is not feasible or does not resolve the problem, the student(s) may initiate Level I action.  Complaints may not be filed after ninety (90) instructional days from the date of the incident leading to the complaint.

Notices sent to the last address available in the records of the College and deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid, shall be presumed to have been received and read.

October 28, 2015

Kern Community College District