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The Student Equity Plan is part of an ongoing institutional effort underway at Porterville College to improve proportional student academic outcomes and to more carefully and formally assess and evaluate student equity planning. The College recognizes that equity planning and Kern Community College District Porterville College assessment, as well as expansion of its data collection to further examine the academic needs of an increasingly diverse student population, is critical to the achievement of student equity and the fostering of academic excellence for all our educational programs. Integration of the Student Equity Plan into the College’s planning processes is an institutional priority.

The main body on campus that focuses on issues of student equity, diversity, and access is the College Council (CC). The general charge of the CC is to coordinate and communicate the college-wide planning, budgeting and reporting processes across the campus. The CC must also interface with all segments of the college to provide the highest quality learning and support services to our students and the communities served by the College. Under this committee, falls the Success and Equity Committee (SEC). The general charge of the SEC is to coordinate and communicate college-wide planning for identifying and implementing student success strategies across the campus. The focus of this committee is to identify specific plans to strategically address the five (5) California Community Colleges Keys to Success: Priority Enrollment and Academic Standards, Redesigned Student Support Services, Transparency and Accountability, Streamlined Transfer, and Improving Basic Skills Instruction.

Purpose of the Equity Plan

The primary goal of the plan is to eliminate the disproportionate impact for the target groups mentioned below. An important secondary goal is to implement an ongoing annual equity review process to ensure meaningful and effective student equity efforts across the entire College. The overall goals across all success indicators were to have measurable outcomes in relation to the student populations outlined in the plan. The objective of each activity is to collectively help increase the level of success by at a minimum of 2% across all indicators.

The program is required to address the following Indicators:

  • Student access to the college
  • Course completion
  • Degree completion
  • Completion of Foundation (Basic Skills) Courses, specifically in English, Mathematics, and English as a Second Language;
  • Transfer rates

Student Populations Identified
in the Student Equity Plan

Data provided by the KCCD Office of Institutional Research for the five student equity indicators revealed that specific groups are not achieving in some areas. Intervention strategies and support to achieve equitable outcomes are needed for these student populations. The Success and Equity Committee identified areas where the groups below are falling behind academically, and have established goals and activities for Porterville College in order to close performance gaps.

Upon reviewing the student equity data, the following student populations were identified as being disproportionately impacted:

  • American Indians or Alaskan natives
  • Asians or Pacific Islanders
  • African Americans
  • Hispanics
  • Whites
  • Men
  • Women
  • Foster youth
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Veterans

The goal of the Student Equity plan is to support an environment of inclusion and opportunity for success.  It commands the collaborative effort from all departments on campus to identify and implement strategies, goals, and resources to assist disproportionately impacted student groups to achieve their academic plans. 



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