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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center, provides health services to currently enrolled full- and part-time students. The purpose of the Wellness Center is to further the equality of educational opportunity and success for all Porterville College students by providing access to health services which promote the physical, emotional and social well-being of students. The Wellness Center maintains high quality health care services by establishing procedures treatments, activities and referral systems designed to meet student needs.

The student health fee gives the students full access to a full-time Registered Public Health Nurse available Monday through Friday and during evening hours as well.

Services included, but are not limited to, campus emergency care, first aid, nursing assessment and treatment of common acute illnesses and infections, TB tests, vision and hearing screening, blood pressure screening, and selected immunizations. If further off-campus medical evaluation or treatment is needed for injuries or ailments, students will be referred. Referral for individual counseling is available for students expressing the need for personal counseling. A rest area and some over-the-counter medications are available. First aid supplies are also located in strategic areas throughout the campus. Appointments are available but not necessary.

Student Health

Students with chronic health problems of a serious nature (diabetes, seizure disorder, cardiac problems) are advised to inform the Wellness Center so that the best possible help can be rendered in case of an emergency.

Throughout the year the Wellness Center coordinates campaigns for better health, such as Red Ribbon Week, Great American Smoke Out, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Cancer Awareness and an Annual Health Fair. Health education information and materials are also available on many topics.

When you visit the Wellness Center, you have the right to privacy, confidentiality, and to be treated with dignity. All records are confidential and cannot be released to anyone without written authorization. The only exception is when subpoenaed by court or when information is required by public health law.

Information on the Wellness Center may be obtained by contacting:


What are the goals of student health services?

The Porterville College Wellness Center is available for use by all full and part-time students.  It is staffed by a registered nurse with public health and school nursing experience who is available:

  •     To assist students when ill or injured.
  •     To provide active health promotion and education, health protection and disease prevention services for students.
  •     To make referrals to community resources as needed.
  •     To be a resource for information on health-related topics.


When you visit the Wellness Center, you have the right to privacy, confidentiality, and to be treated with dignity.  All records are confidential and cannot be released to anyone without your written authorization.  The only exception is subpoenaed by court order or when information is required by public health law (i.e., danger to self or others.)  All personnel employed in the Wellness Center will maintain total confidentiality as required by law.

What about emergencies?

7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Contact the operator, "dial 0" for the college information center.
Explain what the emergency is. Is the individual conscious and breathing?  Give the location of the victim.  Do not move the victim unless the individual is in personal danger.  Do not hang up until after the person receiving the information hangs up.
Stay with the victim until help arrives and you are relieved.  If the victim stops breathing and there is no pulse, start CPR.  (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

Who can use the Wellness Center?

All Porterville College students are eligible to use the Wellness Center.  The health services are paid for by the health fee charged to each student during registration every semester.

Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) 733-6669

AIDS, STD and Hepatitis Hotline 1-800-922-2437

Al-Anon/Alateen 237-5433

Alcoholics Anonymous 1-661-322-4025

Alternative Services - 215 N. "D" Street Porterville 782-4681

AMR/Mobile Life Support 3350 W. Mineral King Visalia 636-8272

Blue Cross of California 2327 N. Main St. Visalia 635-8259

C.H.D.P. 115 E. Tulare Ave. Tulare 685-4701

Care Pregnancy Resource Center 64 W. Putnam Porterville 782-1225

Central Calif. Crisis Center 770 N. Main Porterville 781-6240

Child Welfare Services 788-1100

Family Health Care Network 1107 W. Poplar Ave. Porterville 781-7242

Imperial Ambulance 784-8500

Kaweah Delta District Hospital 624-2000

National Council on Alcoholism 525 E. Bardsley Tulare 688-5127

Porterville Pregnancy Resource Center 64 W. Putnam 784-3251

Rachael's Vineyard (post-abortion healing) 1-877-629-6626

Sequoia Family Health Care Network; walkins welcome; corner of Putnam and Villa; Porterville 781-3700

Sierra View District Hospital 465 W. Putnam Porterville 784-1110

TeenSMART Outreach Program 733-6123

Tulare County Health and Human Services Prevention 132 N. Valley Oak Dr. Visalia 733-6123

Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency; Mental Health; 303 E. Olive Porterville 782-4150 information and referral line 1-800-834-7121  mental health 24 hour line = 1-800-320-1616

Tule River Alcoholism Program 1010 N. Reservation Rd.; Porterville 782-5557

What does it cost to be seen in the Wellness Center?
Most professional services provided to students in the Wellness Center are free of charge.
What can you do for me in the Wellness Center?
Services include treatment for minor injuries and illnesses and monitoring of some chronic conditions such as high blood pressure. We can do testing for pregnancy, and tuberculosis screening (for PC sponsored programs and classes). We can make referrals to community agencies, or help to find appropriate local resources to help with your more acute or chronic medical problems.
Who can be seen in the Wellness Center?
All currently registered students can be seen and treated by the Wellness Center nurse.
Can my family be seen in the Wellness Center?
Because the Wellness Center is directly supported by the Wellness Center fee, we can only treat registered students.
Who provides the care in the Wellness Center?
The staff consists of a registered nurse.
Can I get a band aid?
Definitely! The Wellness Center has a variety of over-the-counter supplies for our students.
Can I get health insurance through the Wellness Center?
Porterville College students are covered for accidental injuries that occur on campus or during sanctioned PC events. There is currently no extended health insurance available through the College though we may have some suggestions for vendors of insurance products at reasonable rates. Please come in and talk with us individually about your situation and needs.
What is the Health Fee that I pay every semester, and what do I get for it?
Each registered student is assessed $12.00 per fall and spring semester, and $9.00 per summer session as part of their regular registration fees. This fee covers medical services received in the Wellness Center, accident coverage for events on campus, access to health education services, materials, and events, and over the counter medications dispensed in the Wellness Center.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recognized as the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of people - at home and abroad, providing incredible information to enhance health decisions, and promoting health through strong partnerships. CDC serves as the national focus for developing and applying disease prevention and control, environmental health, and health promotion and education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States.

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Healthfinder(R) is an award-winning Federal Web site, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services together with other Federal agencies.  Since 1997, Healthfinder(R) has been recognized as a key resource for finding the best government and nonprofit health and human services information on the Internet.  Healthfinder(R) links to carefully selected information and Web sites from over 1,700 health-related organizations.

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All of the information within familydoctor.org has been written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals at the American Academy of Family Physicians.  The information is regularly reviewed and updated.



MEDLINEplus has extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on over 600 diseases and conditions.  There are also lists of hospitals and physicians, a medical encyclopedia and a medical dictionary, health information in Spanish, extensive information on prescription and nonprescription drugs, health information from the media, and links to thousands of clinic trials.

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