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Technology Learning Center

About the TLC

PC TLC LogoLocated in the Library in room 439, the Technology Learning Center is a place for staff and faculty of Porterville College to come and resolve their technology needs. The TLC provides advanced instructional technology tools such as scanners, Webcams, microphones, video editing tools, and image editing software, along with the standard computer programs found on campus. The TLC also maintains a small catalog of up to date articles on instructional technology, covering both theory and practical applications, to help spark ideas for your own integration of technology.

What the TLC Can do for You

Here are a few of the reasons that your colleagues are using the TLC:

  • Convert hard-copy handouts to digital format.
  • Convert photo slides and negatives to digital format.
  • Record a brief video lecture.
  • Make a screencast video.
  • Work on class Canvas sites.
  • Check college email and rosters.
  • Prepare new class handouts or slideshows, or modify older ones.
  • Read up on the latest ideas for integrating technology into class.
  • Get assistance in using technology, or ask for input on a specific technology use from the TLC staff.

Contact Information

If you have questions feel free to contact TLC staff member, Sarah Phinney, at 791-2380 or sphinney@portervillecollege.edu

New Website and New Name

We are moving this website and giving it a new name!
Visit us at our new virtual home, the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT)!

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