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Automate Regular Course Announcements

(January 12, 2016)

Coming back from the holiday season and starting off a new year always feels like a time of decompression. It’s a time to let go of clutter, take a deep breath, and let out a long exhale... read more

Putting a Price on Learning

(November 16, 2015)

Sometimes the axiom, “you get what you pay for” holds true. Other times, the connection between cost and value isn’t so obvious. I often think that Warren Buffet nailed it when he said... read more

Let the Games Begin - Part 2

(October 21, 2015)

In Part 1 on this topic, I offered suggestions for using Moodle’s activity completion capabilities to slowly reveal activities or resources in your Moodle course as students complete prerequisite activities. There are numerous other ways you can use Moodle’s activity completion to make your Moodle course more dynamic and hopefully more exciting to your students. I strongly encourage you to explore it, or talk to me about the possibilities. In this post, I want to look at a couple of other ways...read more

Let the Games Begin - Part 1

(September 23, 2015)

Did you know that the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of the Child has guaranteed children the right to play? Prior to the passage of that document, there was a worldwide movement to press the issue. In fact, groups continue to lobby to promote play for children. Why all the fuss?...read more

Roll Out the Welcome Mat in Your Online Course - Part 2

(September 3, 2015)

Hopefully you are recovering from the start-of-semester rush, and starting to settle in to a nice rhythm with all of your classes. The craziness that seems to exist the first couple of weeks is not just tough on you, but students struggle as well...read more

Roll Out the Welcome Mat in Your Online Course - Part 1

(August 20, 2015)

Anyone who has taught online for just one semester can relate to the frustration of getting students to feel at ease in the early days or weeks of class. Of course, this isn’t unique to online courses. It can be a challenge in a traditional, face-to-face class as well. But the physical barrier that is erected in an online class makes it all the more difficult to convince students that you are a warm and caring person who wants them to succeed...read more

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