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Porterville College

Counseling & Advising Services Header (Sept 2020)

Welcome to the Counseling and Advising Center

Counseling & Advising Mission

The mission of the Advising and Counseling Department is to foster and promote the academic, personal, and social development of our students by providing a wide range of services to help them resolve personal difficulties and acquire the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that will enable them to be successful.

Alert to Students!

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the Counseling & Advising Center is offering virtual services in addition to on-campus services. See hours and links in the left side-bar menu to access virtual appointments.

Methods of Communication Include:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Video - Using Zoom
  • Refer to the PC website for additional information and contact information regarding other services and programs.
  • Provide your full Name, Student ID and Phone Number when you email anyone on campus.

Please visit Online Advising for additional information.

Ph: 559.791.2329 or 559-791-3663


Note: Please have your Student ID number ready to provide to the scheduling staff.

Services Include:

  • Ensuring you are taking the correct classes
  • Refer you to other support services
  • Health and wellness
  • And much more

The Following are Key Tips to Your Academic Success:

  • A. Meet with a counselor during the first month of your first semester at PC to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP).
  • B. Schedule a follow-up appointment with the counselor who developed your SEP at the beginning of each semester and schedule additional follow-up appointments for further assistance.
  • C. Communicate with your instructors throughout the semester.
  • D. Ask questions.

Remember, we are here for you!

Counselors: Assist students to develop Educational Plans, pre-requisite overrides, personal and academic counseling, transfer, and career exploration.

Educational Advisors: Assist students in reviewing educational plans, academic and career exploration, and transfer information. For an appointment call:

General: 559-791-2329 or 559-791-3663 email:

EOPS/CARE/NextUP: 559-791-2224 email:

CalWORKs: 559-791-2303 email:

Disability Resource Center (DRC): 559-791-2215, email:

Veterans Resource Center (VRC): 559-791-2222, email:

The following table provides a list of counselors and educational advisors.

Counselors Educational Advisors
Hector Briseno Billyjean Cabunoc
Araceli Carranza Rosaura Ceballos-Baca
Leah Camarena Jackie Escareno
Ana Ceballos Connie Oropeza
Katherine Figueroa Antonio Salazar
John Ghilarducci
Roberto Maqueda-Gutierrez
Kongming Mouanoutoua
Christine Okailda
Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde
Ena See
Patty Serrato
Errin Sullivan-Arcos
Yolanda Vasquez
Miles Vega

Career Exploration and Study Skills Courses

Most Porterville College degrees require that you take one of the following classes:

STSS P105 Student Success

College Planning and Success

Prerequisite: None. Total lecture 18 hours Designed for goal setting, college skill building and exercises in critical thinking and stress management, and making informed decisions about academic planning for college and career success. New students should complete the class during their first semester. Not open to students with credit in EDUC P101 or INST P105 (A/CSU) PC-Area A

STSS P106 Student Success

Personal and Career Exploration

Prerequisite: None. Total lecture 36 hours. This course is designed for students who are interested in exploring and examining careers and investigate factors that often determine career choices. This class will give students a broad overview of career selection as well as financial literacy. Not open to students with credit in EDUC P102 or INST P106. (A/CSU) PC-Area A

STSS P107 Student Success

Strategies for Personal and Academic Success

Prerequisite: None. Total lecture 36 hours. This is a comprehensive survey course that focuses on academic as well as personal growth and development strategies as they relate to personal and academic values and priorities, college culture and diversity, procrastination, motivation, self-responsibility and awareness, behavior modification, problem-solving, goal setting and planning, critical analysis, time management, probation policies, and study skills. Recommended for students in transition from high school to college, and re-entry adults returning to school. Not open to student with credit in EDUC P107 or INST P107 (A/CSU) PC-Area A

INST P152 Interdisciplinary Studies

College and Career Readiness

Prerequisite: None. Total lecture 36 hours. This classroom-based, guidance experience teaches students a quantifiable decision-making process that will help them identify and plan for their career and education goals. The culmination of this process is the development of an online career and education 10-year plan that can be used for advisory and academic coaching purposes and updated as students change, and/or face transitions. The personalized 10-year plan provides the focus and intrinsic motivation to succeed in college, at work, and in life. (A/CSU) PC-Area A