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Web Time Entry (CC) - Approvers

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Web Time Entry is a web-based time recording system which allows employees to submit time sheets electronically. The time is then approved online and sent electronically to Payroll for processing. This section is designed to provide training materials for new hourly employees.

New employees must follow the instructions below to review the training presentation. As a requirement of the pre-employment process, you will need to follow the link at the end of the presentation and take a brief quiz.  A score of 100% is required in order to complete this part of the process.  

Instructions for Hourly and Student Employees

Staff Identified as WTE Approvers must view the training for approvers. There are two (2) links at the end of the presentation which will allow you to print a training manual and a quick reference guide.

Instructions for Approvers


August 8, 2014
Kern Community College District