Campus Safety Testing Set for June 7th


At Porterville College, the safety of our Students, Faculty, and Staff is paramount.


We have many policies and programs to ensure your daily safety on our campus. On Friday, June 7th, as part of our ongoing efforts to keep our campus as safe as possible, we will be running a training session/test of the campus’ recently installed AmberBox gunshot Detection System.


This test will be held with the cooperation of local law enforcement during spring break when our campus will be closed. This time will require very few people to be on-site during testing, further increasing the safety of the test and minimizing any disruption in the areas surrounding campus.


AmberBox is a detection and response system designed to protect lives in an indoor active shooter incident. By automating the emergency process, first responders arrive on the scene faster, with the vital information needed to contain threats and mitigate casualties. AmberBox provides immediate and accurate responses from internal and law enforcement teams.


For Porterville College, AmberBox will provide the most advanced sensing system available, ensuring maximum protection from an active shooter threat.


The AmberBox system uses the latest in third-generation gunshot detection technology to detect and notify law enforcement on a call in under 3.6 seconds. It automates the emergency process and delivers this split-second information to protect lives. Police arrive faster, ensuring maximum protection from an active shooter threat. The addition of the AmberBox System, along with other safety measures already in place, will keep our students, faculty, and Staff as safe as possible in the unlikely event of an attack on campus.


The test will run as follows:

  1. Testing will begin at 11 am on Friday, June 7th.
  2. Local law enforcement / trained AmberBox personnel will discharge various types and sizes of blank rounds of ammunition at various locations around campus to test the system under different conditions.
  3. Porterville police will be on scene for the entire length of the test, and 911 dispatch services will be aware that a test is taking place.

Please do not be alarmed if you hear gunfire around and inside campus buildings from the hours of 11 am to 2 pm. It is only part of the test. We will also employ various safety measures to protect the community and campus personnel during the test.


Safety Measures:

  1. Certified Instructor: The live testing will be conducted by a certified and experienced Range Master with expertise in the safe use of blank ammunition that the Porterville Police Department will provide.
  2. Ammunition Types: The blank rounds used for the testing will include 9mm, .45 ACP, .223-, and 12-gauge ammunition. It is important to note that these rounds do not contain live projectiles and are designed solely for simulation.
  3. Collaboration with Local Police Department: Campus Safety will collaborate with the Porterville Police Department during the testing. Their involvement will ensure coordination and support in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Secure Testing Environment: The testing will be conducted in a controlled and secure environment to minimize any potential impact on the campus community. Spring recess is scheduled from March 18th to 22nd. Students will not be present on campus, and campus will be closed on Friday the 22nd, with no staff or faculty scheduled.
  5. Communication and Notification: Communication with the campus staff, faculty, and community will provide information about the testing and the updated safety measures.
  6. Emergency Response Team Activation: Campus Safety and other emergency response teams will be on standby during the testing to address any emergencies or concerns that may arise.

The testing will conclude at approximately 2 pm.


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to make our campus safer. You may contact campus safety with any concerns or questions at 559-791-2440