PC Art Gallery presents "The Story Changes"

The Story Changes

Porterville College Art Gallery is proud to showcase THE STORY CHANGES, an exhibition of gunpowder drawings by Central Valley artist, Robert A. Weibel. The show will be exhibited from March 4 to March 28, 2024, with a special opening reception held on March 6 from 5 to 7 pm. This exhibition is a special chance for audiences to witness the transformative power of gunpowder as a medium for creation, reflecting the personal, environmental, and social changes we are currently facing.


Robert A. Weibel has been described as “a pioneer in this explosive field,” employing gunpowder not for destruction but for artistic creation. “I was so impressed by (gunpowder) that I had to try it,” Weibel says. “I started small and did some little explosions, and then I saw its potential and its unique mark making abilities. It was just fascinating.” His work contests the traditional narratives associated with gunpowder, encouraging audiences to reevaluate the medium and encounter its potential for beauty and change. THE STORY CHANGES includes a selection of Weibel’s most compelling gunpowder drawings, offering insights into the artist’s evolving practice and thematic explorations.


As a founding member of ArtHop in Fresno, Weibel has actively participated in the region’s art communities, enriching the dialogue among local artists and audiences through his involvement with the Printmakers Guild, Gallery 25, and The California Contemporary Art Collective. His works have been displayed in several prestigious galleries in LA, Montreux, UAE, and Portland, and he is currently represented by Wolf/Martinez Gallery in ABQ.


THE STORY CHANGES welcomes guests to explore the unique perspective of the artist, exploring the profound and permanent changes that touch us all. The exhibition guarantees an insightful encounter for art lovers and the general public alike.


Visitors can explore THE STORY CHANGES during gallery hours, Monday through Thursday from 12 to 2 pm and 4 to 6 pm. Attendees are encouraged to contact the front desk upon arrival for a complimentary temporary parking permit.


For further inquiries, please contact Porterville College Art Gallery Director, Theodore Lyons, via e-mail: theodore.lyons@portervillecollege.edu.