New FA Deadline

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Dear Students,

Financial aid applicants for the 2024-25 aid year will continue to see delays with the processing of the financial aid application, as this is a nationwide challenge affecting students. The financial aid office is working diligently to alleviate concerns from our students and begin processing awards as soon as possible. Students will not be dropped for non-payment while we continue to update systems to provide financial aid offers, including the fee waiver. Once the system is ready to process financial aid applications, notification to students will be provided. 


In the meantime, the financial aid office has scheduled virtual Q&A’s for further assistance and continued communication. Additional updates will be provided on our website and to students as they come forth.

Virtual Q&A Sessions:

Date                          Time      Link

4/3/2024              11:00

4/3/2024              2:00

4/4/2024              10:00

4/4/2024              3:00

4/5/2024              10:00

4/8/2024              10:00

4/8/2024              1:00

4/9/2024              11:00

4/9/2024              2:00

4/10/2024            11:00

4/10/2024            2:00

4/11/2024            12:30


Students who submit a 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a 2024-25 California Dream Act Application (CADAA) by May 2, 2024, will be considered on time for Cal Grant and Middle-Class Scholarship consideration.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.


Thank you,,

Porterville College
Office of Financial Aid