Movies for Mental Health comes to PC, March 27

Movies for Mental Health Flyer

This year, Porterville College is hosting Movies for Mental Health on the PC Campus in partnership with Art with Impact, the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, and the Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission.


Movies for Mental Health is an arts-based mental health workshop that focuses on empowering young adults, educators, health professionals and community members to gain a better understanding of mental health within their environment.


According to their website, the program is set up to help individuals open up and become self-reflective about their own lives. “Knowing that art speaks the language of our interior worlds, we harness film to engage with people on the vital topic of mental health and mental illness, inspiring them to tell their own stories and explore those of others.”


The event will also connect students with mental health resources available on our campus and in our community, empowering them to seek support and heal together.


Participants will watch several short films about mental health and then participate in discussions with mental health professionals about the topics presented in the films as well as other mental health issues that people face every day.


We want to remind everyone to RSVP for this event as soon as possible. You can only attend the event by pre-registering and space will be limited. Visit to reserve your spot today.