H.S. Seniors Get Their Day at PC

Students In the Quad

Tuesday, November 24th, marked the return of PC Senior Day to Porterville College. The event consists of a pep rally for local High School Seniors followed by a day getting to know the campus and PC’s programs and Faculty. This year was the first year for the event since the Pandemic and we hosted over 1,400 students from Porterville Unified and Burton School Districts - the largest number ever.

PC President Dr. Claudia Habib, Primavera Arvizu, vice president of student services, and ASPC  students welcomed the seniors to Jamison Stadium and spoke to them about the advantages of attending a local community college.

Habib shared her own story of success at a community college, where she learned English and worked hard to become an architect, all while working at three jobs. She told the students if they  “Dream Big”, anything is possible.

After the pep rally, the students headed to the college quad where they could talk with college professors and learn about the various programs available at PC.

Many seniors were impressed with the campus. “It’s a nice and peaceful campus,” said Maria Medina from Monache High School.

“I think it’s great that we are bringing all the seniors from all the schools together to expose them to the different educational opportunities available to them in PC programs,” said Strathmore High counselor Mario Cisneros.

Zac Christenson, a student from Monache High who is interested in music, business, and culinary skills, said he was looking forward to learning more about the PC nursing program.

Natalie San Miguel from Monache High said she was also interested in the nursing program and liked that the instructors were there to answer all of the students’ questions. “I also think the campus is really nice.”
“This is really a great opportunity for high school seniors to experience what the college has to offer. We haven’t had this since the pandemic, so it feels good to have the students back on campus,” said Vice President Arvizu.

Alexandra Andrighetto said she was impressed with the PC business program. Her friend Dylan Duffy said he wasn’t interested in college, but wanted to become a lineman.

Fernando Jimenez, the Executive Director of PC Maintenance and Operations, thought it was exciting to see all the senior students getting information about furthering their education, and the interest from the local community was “awesome”.

From Harmony Magnet Academy, Jacob Poole said he was interested in the Allied Health program at PC.

Overall, the return of PC Senior Day was a success, with many seniors expressing interest and excitement, not only in the various programs and opportunities available at PC, but in going to college in general.


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