Celebrating Valentine's Day, Together

All Smiles on Valentine's Day!

Life is better when we're going through it together!


That was the theme for this year's Student Life-sponsored celebration of Valentine's Day. The celebration didn't single out singles, depend on couples, or try to bring total strangers together. Instead, the event allowed students to hang out between classes and just enjoy some time and craft projects in a stress free environment.


Whether they were creating Valentine's messages for loved ones, de-stressing through art, or just enjoying the BEAUTIFUL Day in the quad, it didn't matter. It was just a group of Pirates celebrating together and having a great time.


The history of this "heart-themed" holiday is quite interesting. Valentine's Day originated as a Christian feast to honor a martyr named Saint Valentine. It has since become a cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of love and romance.


According to NPR, Valentine is likely based on one of two Valentines executed in different years in the 3rd century A.C.E. by Roman Emperor Claudius II. The Catholic Church may have established St. Valentine's Day to honor these two martyrs.


Saint Valentine was a clergyman in the Roman Empire who ministered to persecuted Christians. He was martyred and buried on the Via Flaminia on February 14, which has been observed as the Feast of Saint Valentine since at least the eighth century.


According to some, Saint Valentine secretly helped soldiers get married by performing ceremonies in the church. He also handed out heart-shaped parchment to remind the men of their vows.


Historians consider a 1375 poem by Geoffrey Chaucer to be the origin of the "modern" celebration of Valentine's Day.


Traditionally, people celebrate Valentine's Day by sending cards, gifts, and love messages. Couples give cards or presents to each other, but you can also send something anonymously to someone you secretly love.