Educational Master Plan draft created with input from students, staff, community members

By Administration | 07/24/23
EMP Task Force at work on the draft plan

Porterville College began the development of its Educational Master Plan in January 2023 with the technical support of Collaborative Brain Trust, a national community college educational consulting firm. The eight-month project included three phases of development:

Discovery phase: This phase involved gathering information about the college’s current state and the needs of its students and community.

Portfolio development phase: This phase involved creating a portfolio of the college’s programs, services, and resources.

Goal setting phase: This phase involved setting goals for the college’s future and developing objectives to achieve those goals.

The development process was extensive and included meetings and listening sessions with a wide variety of stakeholders, including community members, partners, faculty, staff, and students. An internal Educational Master Plan Task Force (EMP Task Force) was also formed to serve as the working group for the plan development.

The EMP Task Force met monthly to discuss the progress of the plan and to workshop a final draft. The group met this month to discuss the results of the development phases and to finalize the plan. The day was incredibly productive, and the group is confident that the plan will be a strong foundation for the future of Porterville College.

The plan is scheduled to be presented to the Board of Trustees in September. Once the plan is approved by the board, it will be used to guide the college’s strategic planning and decision-making for the next five years.

The plan is a living document that will be updated as needed. PC is committed to using the plan to ensure that Porterville College is a high-quality, student-centered institution that meets the needs of its students and community.

Students on the plan