Continuing a tradition of inclusion

PC Celebrates Inclusion

On Tuesday, October 3rd, PC once again celebrated the diversity and strength of our LGBTQ+ community by holding a ceremony to raise the Pride flag on the Porterville College campus.

The event was both a celebration of the LGBTQ+ Pride Flag and the community it represents. The flag-raising publicly demonstrates our pride and support for all LGBTQ+ members of the Porterville College community.

The event kicked off with opening remarks from PC Vice President of Student Services, Primavera Arvizu and Student Life and Leadership Program Manager, Jasmin Quiñones. As the afternoon went on several speakers, including retired PC faculty member and former Pride Club faculty advisor, Ann Marie Wagstaffshared their thoughts and experiences, along with the significance of the Pride Flag itself delivered by current faculty club advisor William Hughes.

The event closed with the raising of the flag itself in front of the AC building.