Club Rush Held in the Student Center

Club Rush in the Student Center Conference Room

Yo Ho Ho Pirates! ‍☠️ Club Rush! swept through the Student Center this week, and all your favorite clubs were there, ready to pounce (metaphorically, of course!).


The event was basically a big meet-and-greet for all the awesome things happening on campus outside of the classroom. Think new friends, movie nights, community projects, game jams, and more – all led by students with the same passions as you!


Joining a club is a surefire way to make lifelong BFFs, find your people, and do stuff you actually enjoy. Wanna help out at local non-profits? There's a club for that. Feeling artsy? Dive into the Art Club. Maybe you're a gaming wizard or love music – the E-Sports and Music Clubs await! ✨


Want the full picture on PC campus life? Swing by the Student Life office near the cafeteria, or check out our website.


Here's to a GREAT Campus Life, mateys🦜!