Grades and credits

Grading System


Grades are earned and awarded in each course and are recorded on the student's permanent record at the end of each academic term. Evaluation of student achievement will be made in relation to the attainment of the specific objectives of the course. At the beginning of a course the instructor will explain these objectives and the basis upon which grades are determined. A student's work is considered satisfactory when he/she maintains an average of “C” (grade point average 2.0) or higher.

Non-degree applicable credit course grades are not counted in calculating grade point averages for graduation or transfer.

Prerequisites or graduation requirements may require a grade of “C” or higher (see course descriptions).

 Grade  Grade Points
A-Excellent 4 per unit
B-Good  3 per unit
C-Satisfactory  2 per unit
D-Passing, Less Than Satisfactory 1 per unit
F-Failing  0 per unit
AU-Audit 0 per unit
P-Pass Not computed in GPA
NP-No Pass Not computed in GPA
I-Incomplete  Not computed in GPA
W-Withdrawn Not computed in GPA
IP-In Progress Not computed in GPA
RD-Report Delayed  Not computed in GPA
MW - Military Withdrawal  Not computed in GPA


This grade is issued to students who enroll in classes in an audit status. It will not count in GPA.

Pass/No Pass

Some courses are offered on a pass/no pass basis. Upon successful completion of such a course, unit credit will be awarded. However, courses taken on a pass/no pass basis are not used in the computation of a student's grade point average. Regulations for such courses are:

  1. A maximum of 12 units may be taken on a pass/no pass basis and applied toward the AA and AS degrees at Porterville College.
  2. A maximum of three units per semester may be taken on a pass/no pass basis. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the Vice President of Student Services in cases involving Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and special remedial programs.
  3. In courses in which pass/no pass is authorized, the pass grade is granted for performance which is equivalent to the letter grade of “C” or better.
  4. Combination classes (pass/no pass or grades) must have an A, B, C, D, F and pass/no pass system.
  5. Petitions for pass/no pass must be filed with the Office of Admissions and Records no later than the last day of the fourth week of the semester or the last day of the second week of summer session.
  6. When a student has established the basis for grading as pass/no pass or a letter grade, he/she may not elect to change after the established deadline.
  7. Courses in which pass/no pass grading may be used must be so designated by the department involved. A department may require majors to obtain letter grades in that department's major subjects.

Pass/no pass forms are available in the Office of Admissions and Records. 


Students may request that instructors issue “I” grades when they have an unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons at the end of the term. The instructor must indicate the grade to be assigned in lieu of the ‘I' if the requirements are not completed. An ‘I' must be made up no later than one year following the end of the term in which it was assigned. An ‘I' may not be assigned as a withdrawal grade. If the work stipulated is not completed within the time limitation, the grade assigned in lieu of the work being completed will be entered on the permanent record.


The student has withdrawn from a course or has been dropped from a course by the instructor between the dates indicated in these regulations.

IP - In Progress

The ‘IP' indicates the course extends beyond the normal end of an academic term and work is in progress, or the course is listed as an open-entry/open-exit course, and has been approved by the instructor to register and complete course requirements in the succeeding semester in order to receive credit and a course grade. The grade and unit credit will appear on the student's permanent record for the term in which the course work is completed. The ‘IP' cannot be given more than twice for any particular course. If a student enrolled in an open-entry, open-exit course is assigned an ‘IP' at the end of an attendance period and does not re-enroll in that course during the subsequent attendance period, the instructor shall assign a grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, or NP) to be recorded on the student's permanent record for the course.

RD-Report Delayed

‘RD' is assigned by the Office of Admissions and Records when there is a delay in reporting the grade of a student due to circumstances beyond the control of the student.

Grade Reports

Final grades will be made available to students on the Porterville College web registration system as soon as possible after the end of each academic term. There will be no additional notification of grades completed or corrected.

Grade Changes

The instructor of  each course shall determine the grade to be awarded  each student. The determination of the student's grade by the instructor  shall be final in the absence of  mistake, fraud, bad faith or incompetence. A judgment to change or expunge a grade for reasons of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence shall be made by the Vice President of Academic Affairs after consultation with the student, the instructor, and the Division Chair. All parties noted above shall be notified in writing of any changes. 

February 18, 2015