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Please note: the Innovation Centers will be closed during the Summer.

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Innovation Centers (Located in STEM 4001, LIT 4201, BUS 4101)

The Innovation Centers are comprised of three centers (STEM Innovation Center, Literacy Innovation Center, and Business Innovation Center) created by HSI Title V Grant P031S200174 funding to promote student academic success and enhance learning outcomes.

Schedules for programs and services are available here.

STEM Innovation Center (located in STEM 4001)

Mission Statement

The mission of the STEM Innovation Center is to build STEM knowledge, interest, skills, and leadership by providing innovative high-quality STEM experiential learning and mentoring experiences. The STEM Innovation Center will serve as a project and career-based learning hub for students to gain immersive experiences from virtual reality to STEM in the field trips with industry partners and STEM faculty to build upon rigorous classroom learning. Services available: Math Mentors, Peer Academic Mentors, USDA-PC STEM Speaker Series, Virtual Reality Program, and STEM Internship Program.

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Literacy Innovation Center (located: LIT 4201)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Literacy Innovation Center is creative exploration in language, the arts, reading, and writing to empower students to discover new perspectives and develop crucial skills that builds upon rigorous classroom learning. The LIC will focus on developing and sustaining literacy programming that values the many ways individuals and communities engage with literacy in pursuit of their goals. Services available: Writing Mentors, Writing for the Performing Arts Workshop, Peer Academic Mentors, PC Writers and Poets Speaker Series, Language Assistants (ASL), PC Growing Futures (Rural Initiatives), and Virtual Reality Program.


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Business Innovation Center (located in BUS 4101)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Business Innovation Center is to create active learning experiences to inspire, educate, and transform the Porterville community into entrepreneurial thinkers and doers. The BIC is an innovation hub where ideas, technology, and people meet to build the future of the Porterville community. Students, faculty, staff, and community members will learn skills for them to create their own small business, learn about emerging technology through our Makerspace Lab, and engage in robust community education program. Services available: Makerspace Lab, small business coaching, financial literacy workshops, community education, career exploration, and job workshops by community partners.


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Dremel Digital Lab EquipmentMakerspace Lab (located in the Business Innovation Center)

Building the future, one piece at a time.

The Makerspace Lab is a space perfect for creative thinkers with innovative ideas that can be brought to life. Our current Dremel 3D printers are available for building physical models designed for all types of projects. The SOL 3D Scanner uses high-quality precision and detail to copy small physical items that can be printed into 3D models. Do you want a more hands-on experience? The MYNT3D Printing Pen “Pro” gives you all the control at your fingertips that will turn your ordinary drawings into 3D works of art!



*Innovation Centers made possible by HSI Title V P031S200174 Grant Funding.