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The Human Resource Management Certificate program provides practical, up-to-date information on handling an organization’s human resources. Students learn how to minimize potential liabilities in tough areas such as: hiring, terminations, workers’ compensation, and sexual harassment, best practices in performance appraisals, better hiring techniques, planning benefit packages, and maintaining a safe work environment which can help the Human Resource Manager recruit and retain a top notch workforce. These are essential tools to becoming a successful Human Resource Manager in a public, private, government or non-profit organization.

Program Learning Outcomes: Identify the legal and ethical context of Human Resource Management.; explain the Federal, State, and local laws that affect public and private employers; describe the importance of staffing an organization including planning, job analysis, recruitment, and selection of staff; explain labor relations and collective bargaining agreements in the public and private sectors.

Required Core (17 units)

BSAD P101 - Introduction to Business  3 units

BSAD P140 - Business Law 3 units

BSAD P120 - Principles of Management and Organization 3 units

BSAD P122 - Human Resource Management  3 units

BSAD P155 - Business Statistics  3 units

BSAD P162 - Entrepreneur Mentor/Internship 2 units

Human Resource Management (CA) pending Title IV aid.

Effective Fall 2016


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